Abusing bug in World pvp

There is a bug in World PVP while in Central Encampment (Emerald Dream) where players can kill people within the camp using traps and pets without triggering the guards. This is ridiculous and players are abusing this… When you try to defend yourself you are getting killed by the guards of course.

I think it’s absolutely hilarious to see things like this. :joy:

I love going into stealth, and when Horde players then do the quest to “kill the little enemies around the camp”, I go on top of the mobs and hope the player hits me accidentally with AoE… :laughing: Then I watch the sentinel defenders chase and kill the player.

I think “bugs” like these are what makes WPvP wonderful. And if players don’t like it, then I bet there is a way to disable WM, for a more peaceful and less chaotic experience. :wink:

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