Abysmal amount of Bot-Roachers ruining the game

Seriously, Fix the issue Now.
Quest : Claws from the Deep
Kill 12 Bluegill Murlocs
Slay Gobbler and take his head.

IMO this quest should take no more than 15 mins on an appropriately geared character, Some will do it faster, others a little slower, but 15 mins IMO is a fair average, even with one or two other players on the same quest.

it took me nearly 40 mins trying to get this quest completed before I gave up on it, Why did I give up ? because the area was over run with Bot-roachers all moving to mob spawn points before they spawned and instant tagging as the mob was fading into existence.

if there was one, there was at least 30 and that was just on the layer I was in, Even moving layer it was the same, cockroaches everywhere.

and this was a 6am in the morning, a time when a normal legit player should be able to blitz through and see may one or two late night owls still playing.

if its this bad now, I don’t think I will be back for season 2.


I’m thinking of rerolling onto a RP server with the hope that RP players don’t buy gold and there’ll be no bots. Here’s to hoping! :joy:

Just reported about 15 people on my server… and that’s just on one of many layers there is … so sad

Only problem with that is that there are barely any RP-Players on the RP-Realms

Maybe there are a bit fewer. But I reported more than 100 bots on the last 3 days

I have been trying to complete this quest for 3 days now and have decided just to give up on it dozens of bots 24hr per day. What is the point of reporting bots when nothing ever changes?.