<Abyssals> Brand New Small Guild Looking for Chill People!


Hiya! We are a small Guild on Dreanor, only been around for about a month now and are looking for some relaxed people to join us, we only have Six members as of right now but we are currently beginning our first recruitment wave, we are planning on having a cap of around sixty unique players to keep things tight-knit and friendly. We honestly welcome everyone and anyone, we only have two requirements.

1: Be Social (Whether in text or voice, simply jumping in and chatting/playing with other members is perfect!)

2: Be Active (We’re not asking for you to be on every waking hour with us, once or twice a week is totally fine! We only ask this due to the fear of having a Guild filled with ghosts!)

We plan on running Mythic+'s together and eventually raiding, though right now we’re focusing on getting a decent population to pull a roster from! We also have vague plans of PvP stuff down the line. A few of us are also new players as well so if you’re looking at making friends and learning together then this is the perfect guild for you!

Lastly, well double lastly? We understand that joining such a new guild without any progress behind them isn’t ideal for a lot of people, but we like to see it this way; You’ll be here from the start, meet friends and help build this guild into something wonderful, every successful guild had to start somewhere!

Lastly 2: Electric Boogaloo; My Discord tag is below, we use Discord A LOT for chatting so it is very recommended you join our server, add me below and throw me a message if you’re interested in joining us!


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