[Acceptable Casualties][A/H][Draenor] Recruiting casual players to start Mythic raiding!

Hello there!

Acceptable Casualties is recruiting!

We have two teams and currently recruiting for our casual raiding team, which wants to go try to push Mythic as far as we can go, without losing a fun environment!

We are an English-speaking raiding guild on Draenor-EU. We have a social community on Discord and two raiding teams each with a bit different focus! Right now, we are recruiting for the second team, that is more focused on casual play! If you are interested in raiding and have little experience or just want to do some raids without worrying too much about your dps (sometimes a bit of pumping is required tho), this can be your home!

We have always people doing some keys and the latest content, some enjoy pushing keys and some just for their weekly key done!

We are raiding on:
Friday and Saturday - 20:00 - 23:00 CET
The schedule is right now: full reclear on HC for those essential rare items, and Mythic progression

if you are interested in just trying the raid out or for some events like transmog runs or achievement ones, we have planned something always on Wednesday - 20:00 -23:00 CET
There we do whatever seems right and exciting and everyone can bring their alts, a couple of beers, relax and slap bosses.

For questions and application, please contact:

quenotica on Discord

Let’s slap bosses and have fun!

We are still looking for people, especially Tank and DPS!

We are still looking for people, especially Tank and DPS!

Hi, can i have your contact details pls?
I would like to apply. Thank you

We are still looking for people for next tier, especially Tank and DPS!