Account Bound Manuscript of Endless Possibilities

Hello dragonriders!

We’ve heard your concerns about the Manuscript of Endless Possibilities and will be changing it into an account bound toy. While we get that change ready, the option to purchase the Manuscript of Endless Possibilities will be disabled in the next few hours once you’ve acquired it with one of your characters. Any character who has the Manuscript of Endless Possibilities purchased before our change will automatically be given the toy!


Hello, it’s me again!

We’re currently working on a fix to address an issue with the Vial of Endless Draconic Scales not being added to your toybox after the realm restarts. We’ll be sure to let you know when the hotfix is live.


So I’m one of the lucky people where it didn’t bug and I have the toy learned… but this new toy version just worse in every possible way compared to the Manuscript spell that I bought initially.

The original Manuscript spell was in your spellbook and:

  • It had no cooldown, so you could freely toggle it on or off whenever you felt like it
  • The buff had unlimited duration, so if you wanted to have random mounts permanently you would just activate it once and forget about it
  • The buff lasted through death

The toy version is a big downgrade in every way:

  • It has a 60 minute cooldown, so if you want turn it on and off more frequently you are out of luck
  • The buff only lasts for 60 minutes, so if you want random mounts all the time you have to keep re-applying the buff every hour
  • The buff is REMOVED ON DEATH, so if you happen to die you will have to wait for the cooldown to come back before you get to randomize your mounts again

I don’t understand why you have nerfed it so much? Is it just an oversight? Did no one spend a minute testing out how it works? Is it intended? Was it too powerful to have random mounts all the time?

Can you please explain what happened here?


Blizzard are really weird with toys. Lots of toys are borderline pointless with the random cooldowns on some of them. It’s legit a “fun detected” issue most of the time with them. The only time I understand a toy having a long cd is if it’s one that annoys other players.

Even the transform toys, Why not just let you always use it if you really want to?

Blizzard’s excuse is they don’t want people spamming it annoying others… so yeah, “fun detected!”.

That’s not a valid excuse considering they implemented a ear plugs toy that blocks out annoyances which they can iterate on.

Also, I was dumb enough to grind for the manuscript before it was remade into a toy, do I have to grind for it again?

If you bought the manuscript, you will automatically get the toy.

Adding my voice to this because as Nour pointed out, the toy is a big downgrade in many ways and it would be much better as a toy you can toggle on and off with no cooldown and persists on death. There’s no reason for the effect to have been made this unwieldy.

I’d also point out that the description for the toy is misleading.
“Grants you an aura that will randomize…”. Aura in the sense of a “buff” is a technical UI name. This is not what aura in the gameplay sense means.

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Nope. Still haven’t got mine.

The Vial of Endless Draconic Scales should now be added to the toybox to those who were affected.

Can you remove the cooldown on it now? It makes no sense.

I haven’t received mine, maybe you should double-check…

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