"Account locked due to suspicious activity" needs updating

Hi! So I tried logging into my wow account from a friend’s computer. My account was locked due to suspicious activity and I received an email telling me various things, like if I didn’t attempt this log in I should change my password. However, at no point in the email would you adress how I should proceed if I did attempt to log in and by extension causing this account lock. I tried logging in in a web browser which resulted in me having to confirm my identity with some code sent to my email. Having entered this code and successfully logged in to my wow acc I figured all was well, but no.
My account was still locked in the wow client. Why is this so extremely complicated? Can’t I just be prompted for the same code directly in the client to confirm my identity?
I eventually figured out that restarting the battle net client and entering my information from there would solve this.

The biggest issue I think is the complete abscence of directions in the email you recieve upon causing this account lock, if you were the one trying to access your account.

Something like “If you were the one attempting this log in, please restart your battle.net client and log in again” or “Click this link to confirm your identity”

You shouldn’t have to intuitively figure out that a battle net app restart or password change is required to fix this.

Thank you!

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Edit 2: So a few hours later I tried logging in through the wow client again and my account is still locked. Currently, the only workaround I’ve found is to log in through the battle net client and launch wow from there. Awkward to say the least.

Suggestions about changing this should be made from in-game as the forums do not forward suggestions to the developers.

I do agree that it is very poorly worded, and explained, and totally SHOULD be rewritten.

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Hey Jaydee,

Sorry to hear about the troubles you had logging in.

It sounds like you were able to figure it out in the end already, but you can also find more info about this in the support article here:

That said, the best way to minimize the risk of this happening in the first place would be to set up a phone number as well as an authenticator on your account. You can find all the info you need about the process on the page linked above.