Account locked

Hello, good day. A few days ago, my account was unavailable, but with the help of support, the account problem was solved, but when I logged into the account, I was faced with the message “account locked”. Can anyone help me ؟ I opened a ticket, but 1 day has passed and no one answered my ticket and tried from the Battlenet, but I couldn’t

What is the reason for the lock they give, there is usually a reason with that message?

Blizzard will answer the ticket but it may take longer than you expect as they are very busy at the moment. They will not help you with the reason here as it’s private information and this is a public forum.

Oh, and posting here will not jump your ticket up the queue.

In case any of it helps:-

This would indeed be the way to go, and you just need to be patient and wait for a reply to your ticket.

That said, accounts will typically be locked during the restoration process and if you tried to log in straight away it may just not have been unlocked yet – so do try again after a while if you haven’t already.

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