Achievements and character between WoW accounts (same account)


I’ve got multiple characters split between two WoW accounts on the same Battle net account. I would like to transfer some from one account to the other but I’m worried that I’d lose some achievements and rewards (for logging in certain during celebrations and such).

When I’m playing a character on either account they seem to have the same achievements unlocked account-wide, but I’m curious if anything would change for character-specific achies.

Anyone know? Is there any way to check?


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I got an extra wow account fused to my bnet account. All pets and achs from the old account became available on my main account.

How did you go about doing this? I have two separate accounts that I’d like to merge, but I’m not sure how.

a gm handled it for me

Okay, tyvm. May I ask if it was recent? Because from what I read they don’t do it anymore.

About a year ago now if i remember right

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Achievements are Account bound, so having multiple WoW accounts on one (you can have up to 8 WoW accounts), those are already a part of things there.
Moving a character from number 1 WoW account to number 2 WoW account within the same isn’t going to have any effect on that for you.
You can find some more info here in the Character Transfer FAQ, select WoW account in the drop down there.

If you’re talking about two accounts, check here, there are some limitations, some games can’t be moved, the drop down menu on the page there has info per game so make sure to give it a good read over.
The Support team can check all that for you, link at the bottom of the page to get in touch with them :slight_smile:

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Thank you, much obliged. :slightly_smiling_face:

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