[A]<Chips Dips and Whips> 2/10 Mythic experience GM LF anyone interested in M+ and raids!

“Chips Dips and Whips” is a newly created no nonsense guild that’s looking to get in to raiding as soon as possible. The GM (yours truly :P) is a Curved raider with 2/10 Mythic in Castle Nathria and now me and my partners in crime are looking to build our own guild and (hopefully mythic) raid team. We are experienced raiders and have raided for several years in the World of Warcraft and plan to continue that streak with our own team in a relaxed but progress focused setting. Even though I am not an experienced raid leader I will be working hard on building a solid team and help us succeed in killing as many bosses as we can, that being said I will welcome any help that we can get! We’re also very much in to M+ and if that’s all you want to do you are very much welcome too! We of course also welcome anyone who is simply looking for a chill guild and a helpful and nice environment to experience WoW in.

Our planned raid days are: Mondays and Thursdays between 20:00 – 23:00 pm server time.

Are you interested in joining or simply looking for a fun place to hang out in? Leave a message here, contact me or my officers ingame or leave an application in the guild finder!

Thikila - GM
Chippywhip - Officer
Cptmuppen - Officer

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