Action house - resource exploit

9999999 items are > 5gold
an user post this item for sale at 1 silver
other users will go to AH click sale, the item price will automatically be selected at the smallest value by BLIZZARD, and because we are humans we will just click and sell that item 1000x items for 1 silver
the same user or a friend(user tricked users) will but the 1000 items at 1 silver

a very bag experience for users

AH temporary ban the user that dose this, is a simple scan
Limit the % that you can cut on resources
Suggest the AVG sell price of the day

you just need to open your eyes and look at what price you are placing the item…in my opinion, Blizzard shouldnt be involved…its not exploit, its scummy, yes, but not exploit…ppl just need to pay attention thats it

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