Actionbars remapping problem after patch

Some of the keybinds has been changed after the patch like å has been changed to | while å stands on the action bar, but wont react when i press å

It overwrites some of the other keybinds i have if i change them like |= autorun.

Please revert the change

Thanks on beforehand.
Please ping me when it is fixed :slight_smile:

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The devs are aware.

Sorry, that paid service is not available in the store yet. :wink:

Can confirm similar problem…I have had intermittent issues with clicking on action bar buttons and something different from the button clicked happening.

Example: click on a mount and an entirely different mount spawns… then when trying to click on something else, same mount spawns again.

The effects seem entirely random and disappear if I change character or relog, plus I can play for a considerable period of time, without the problem manifesting.

There’s a link on the common issues sticky in customer support.

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