Active player LF guild @ Neptulon EU


I’m currently looking for an active raiding guild to clear present and future content with. I’m maining a DH atm, but have several characters in my stables that are close to raid-ready.

Personal info: 28 year old male from Norway, work as a chef. Played drums and guitar in a band for many years.

DH -> 432 equipped Ilvl - level 58 neck. (Bladez_neptulon)
Elemental Shaman -> 417 equipped ilvl - level 53 neck. (Dwerf_Neptulon)
Guardian Druid -> 411 equipped ilvl - 50 neck. (Tamelcoes_Neptulon)
and a bunch of 400-410 geared alts, x2 rogues/dk tank / war tank.

Current raid xp:
7/8 normal EP
5/8 Heroic EP

Have done several mythic raids in previous expansions, namely on my hunter in WoD.

Let me know at the forums or in game if you are currently in a guild that are looking for a committed player that always comes raid-ready with consumables, knowledge about his class and never quits! :slight_smile:


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