Active Vulpera RP guilds?

Is there any active Vulpera RP guilds on Agent Drawn this days ? i been looking on my Vulpera on AD for a vulpera RP guild what has main focus on RP have not found any :frowning:

I can recommend these guys, nice bunch of Vulpera’s.

[H-RP] :fox_face: Vulpera Caravan - The Dust Scavengers - Argent Dawn - World of Warcraft Forums (


oh nice thz :smiley:

Here’s another one, they are very active and host market events. A caravan-style guild.


Hi there! Like Meloh refered to, The Dustpaw Caravan are a Vulpera focused guild that do a variety of jobs here and there. From; Scavenging, Trading, Hosting markets, and occasionally assisting out other Horde friends when they need that little Vulpera addition thrown in.

We recruit In-Character, more often than not you’ll find us around the Valley of Honor at around evening times. If it’s something you’re interested in, don’t hesitate to approach us!


This is the best choice indeed.

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