Add a PvP talent to make Templar Strikes viable

A literal shower thought - since most ret PvP talents are bad and/or unfun, and since Templar Strikes are bad and unfun, I thought I would design a talent that would make it fun and playable. Of course we are never going to get anything like this even in our dreams, I Just thought I would post this for the amusement of fellow ret PvPers.

Templar’s Fervor

Templar slash now teleports you to your opponent
You are able to execute a second Templar Slash following the first one for a total of three strikes
Damage of Templar Strikes increased by 20%
Range of Templar Strikes increased to 10yd
Cooldown of Templar Strikes increased to 15 seconds
You now have 2 more seconds to continue the combo

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