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Hey so I was hoping I could get some up to date recommendations on good addons to use for certain things such as:

Party/Raid frame UI, one where i can basically click party members to target without it trying to cast a spell but I can still move it and edit it.

Customisable enemy target frames

ANy type of healing addon that helps…

Feel free to add any option instructions if need be.


It has been a while since we’ve had an addons question.

Recommending addons is dicey. Some of it is about personal taste. Some is playstyle requirements.

Some is choosing between addons that do the same thing - for example, I use Threat Plates for nameplates; others might use something like Plater. I use DBM (Deadly Boss Mods) for encounter warnings and timings, where others prefer BigWigs+LittleWigs.

You might take a look at ElvUI. It aspires to provide all your playstyle addon functionality, to the extent that it pretty much takes over your whole UI. Some people love that. I hate it. A lot of people like bag addons that make your bags appear as one; I can’t stand those.

Here is a good presentation of ElvUI

Then there are combat addons for PvP, that have an entirely different focus to PvE, indicating enemy class and cooldowns remaining for example.

The best way to check out addons is on YouTube, where you can see them without investing a lot of time installing, testing, uninstalling.

To get and manage your addons, I use WoWUP from - it’s lighter and cleaner than Curseforge’s own installer.

Here is a pretty good recent presentation of addons

and here is one with a focus on Healing

After you have absorbed that lot, please come back with any further questions, and I hope that I or someone can help, :smiley:

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Thank you :slight_smile:

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