Add skips to old raids

Don’t you guys think it’s time we get skips for all older raids? Running ICC or Ulduar and hearing all that RP aint fun after 100’s of runs.

More skips are always welcome in my book. Particularly those raids where people farm end boss mounts.


For ulduar they could do like on classic, that you can go straight to XT without doing flame leviathan

Both of those can be skipped.
I used the skip for Ulduar for a few months til I got Mimiron’s head.

Unfortunately this skip method does not work in Dragon Soul and I still need Blazing Drake (years later).
And the RP in DS is a pain (worse than ICC and Ulduar) as well as Spine dance encounter.

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Let’s add a skip for Kale’thas’ RP while we’re at it.

In terms of work it should be merely a setback.

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That fight was a pain alright.

Although it took me a bunch of runs to realise | didn’t need to kill the other bosses and that you could just run straight to him. I had assumed there was a door that you needed to open by clearing the raid.

I’d settle for that in Dragon Soul…

It’s honestly what’s holding me back from farming Ashes. I just cannot be bothered with minutes of talking, followed minutes of literally nothing, followed by more talking. I just wanna go there, one shot that smug elf, cry about not getting the mount again and go about the rest of my business.

Good time to alt tab to the forums and complain about RP in raids while your toon is in there waiting…

Yep that’s what I do haha. Or p… youtube. yeah youtube.
Still don’t have the mount. I have a lot of alts though.

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wdym both of those can be skipped?
Are you talking about the DH/evoker skips or is there another one I don’t know of?

Certainly it stills works in Ulduar and used to in ICC (probably still does).

Clear all bosses except the last one (or optional ones in Ulduar) on a character you don’t want to do the last boss one. I cleared Ulduar on my DK as I didn’t like the Yogg fight on DK (so much moving involved).
Hearth out of Raid.
Form a group in LFG can log out.
Log in on the character you want to kill Yogg on (i used my hunter) and apply to this group.
Log into your other toon again and accept this submission.
Log in Yogg killer character and enter the Raid (be outside the raid so you can enter quickly while the other character is still party leader).
Take portal to Yogg room.
Wait to become party leader and kick the other toon out of group.
Kill Yogg.

So far not much time saved. But after the next weekly reset you can reactivate this Raid Lockout on your DK or whoever you decide to be your lockout keeper.
Also you can do this on more than one alt a week (I only did it on my hunter once a week but that was just me).

This also works in Firelands and some other raids (don’t know them all).

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hmm, I remember trying this a couple of times in the past, and it didn’t work. welp I’ll try it again at the next lockout.

Only works on HC raids, not mythic (most of those have skips available these days).
For some reason Dragon Soul doesn’t work either.

I’ve done it recently in Ulduar and Firelands and in the past in ICC.

IIRC the ICC one was broken and doesn’t work anymore. But yeah a skip should absolutely be implemented into ICC and Uld, and even the WoD/Legion and onwards skips should be added automatically w/o the quest being a requirement at this point

Skipp the RP, 100% agree.
It’s really tiring after some time…

As for skipping bosses, a nice quest that allows you to skip some of them similar to hellfire citadel would also be awesome.

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A deathwing spine skip please…