Additional Class Tuning Incoming - 21 December

This is why i hate all PvP players.

They either go around killing lvl 10’s or they try to Ruin the game for PvE players.

I tank quite a bit and there’s are no issues. Sure, you have to work to maintain threat on multiple targets, but that’s the challenge of being a druid tank.

Please dont nerf priests, please buff other healers.

100% rolling priest

Yeah lets turn Classic - SOD into retail where nothing dies, yawn. No - disc priest are broken and they need the same treatmenet as Hunters got.

No one wants to play a PVP meta with a retail TTK. If you want to play that garbage go back to retail.

Btw if 5 hunters are focusing you - your not suppose to live, work on your positioning instead of asking for a braindead meta that you can thrive in.

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What client are you playing on?
We literally HAVE RETAIL SPELLS, why do you THINK WE HAVE ISSUES? Things blowing things up & stronger heals.

You are lunatic haha, you fkng play a new client for a few weeks and you forget about ERA and RETAIL, and think that sod is some kind of new experience, but the Blizzard have created is a FASTER paced Classic Era with spells from retail.

Delusional ppl, jeez.

Pls fix damage pet hunters, sunfire druid, penance priest

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just that for druid? how about reducing the range of the stuff it spams at 42 yards and damage.

Priests thrive on WSGs because there’s 25% damage reduction but no heal reduction. I hope they won’t change it till phase 2, I’ve never had so much PvP fun as priest in Classic as right now :smiling_face:

Mate this post is for season of discovery, aka Classic

thanks for the hard work ! 3 lines of balancing mustve been very stressful during the xmas time … appreciated


classic forums always fun to read

Just make lacerate a cleave ability with lower damage on cleaved targets but high threat. You don’t even need to apply debuff to cleaved targets.

hunter pets still doing double the dps of some classes btw.

good changes

Always the same discussion on these things, dpser needs to adapt to their tank, its not zug zug like in retail and when retail bois understand that the better it is :smiley:

Oh you again, here to cry abit more?
The devs said they still want to have a classic feeling to SoD,
Yeah just make every tank beeing good at everything instead of having some tank shine in different things, let just every class be able to charge and cast shadowbolt and use arcane explosive, with your logic that is right on the spot huh? :man_facepalming:

Lol 103%

Not 102 or 104 lol

Dear lord

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Love that you focus on the classes/specs that need adjustment…like elemental shamans. PvP is useless, raiddmg is useless, crits calculated wrong, rune procs dont allow LB → FS, squish as f.

Thanks for making great lagg and issue free games with perfect layering and working “mega servers” for the last 20 years you indie company!

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did…did they just buff priests? wtf?

brb leveling one

For a second time yes, their still terrible dps tho lol i think things will get better in P2 for em