Additional Class Tuning Incoming - 21 December

Following further review, we’re going to make the following changes tomorrow, December 21, at about 19:00 CET.

Season of Discovery

  • Druid
    • Lacerate base cost reduced 10 Rage (was 15).
    • Mangle (Bear) base cost reduced to 15 Rage (was 20).
  • Priest
    • Shadow Word: Death base damage increased by 103% and the bonus damage it receives from spell power has been increased by 50%.

We will get to priest healing some day, I will believe in you.
Also here is a list of people that thought druid is weak :


OMG OMG OMG OMG, they buffing Spriest, You crying about priest healing, I cant w8 until you cry about priest damage :joy:

Here is the thing tho, the entire game is crying about priest healing, but go personal it’s ok.

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If they don’t nerf the damage it does to the priest we will see many priests killing themselves

Fix your damn layering system. Almost a month in and you’re still trying to shove everyone into the same layer to try and pretend the game is constantly active and there is never ending demand. Have some damn integrity. And you’re doing this to the detriment of mechanics even working properly (like the ridiculous layer shifts during pvp events)

What a sad company

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How can you possibly be so out of touch ?

We have been crying over priest healing for 3 week, you ended up buffing their damage.

Do you even play your game ATM ? warsong is like 4 priest meta, their healing AND their damage is insane right now

meanwhile elementals shaman still can’t play the game lmao.

This is not even about priest anymore, i saw healers being flamed by tanks because they expected them to heal as much as priests, i saw people refusing to invite RDruid because a priest was auto-win.

People making these changes need to be fired.

precision : i’m obviously talking about their PVP damage + survivability with void plague + homunculi + penance combo, i know they are at the bottom PVE wise (but somehow blizzard is trying to fix shadow priests being bad in raid by buffing shadow word death rune, what a surprise…)


Lovely to see you didn’t forget Arms Warriors again.


Buff Holy priest in PvP!

It’s still bottom tier of all healers, next to Pres evoker. Give Flash heal and Prayer of mending more real number buffs, like 10 or 15%, not moving health bars right now

Bro, it’s classic forums :slight_smile:

Well all they should is pretty simple bring the other healers up to pare with priest because right now u never seeing a holy paly for sure and if u are it’s because u are missing a ret or prot for blessing

Thank you, of course, but this did not solve the main problem. Namely, the lack of sane AoE, and also the lack of the ability to catch mobs on yourself from the start of the battle.

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The problem is that there’s 25% damage reduction on WSG, so it’s easier to heal on WSG

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Bears is not known to be good aoe tanks, they have swipe (3 targets) and if you can play druid you can hold up to 5-7 targets, but they should not have it easy to aoe tank

Without a doubt you are right when it comes to vanilla. But we have SoD, when new runic dps abilities simply explode treatmeters, and it’s difficult for tanks to compete with this.

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Thankfully you clarified that, it’s important we follow Class Vanilla meta of gameplay, we wouldn’t want bears to hold aggro in group of mobs (all dungeons), that would be a silly thing.

Can you imagine if this was some weird seasonal server where classes got buffed and had more power than usual? We could dream about tank warlocks, shamans, or even tank rogues! Imagine a mage healer!! That would be crazy. Druids holding aggro on more than 2 targets reliably is way too crazy.


Yeah, for bear they literally just need to add a Trash Rune and make it rage free. Make mangle ragefree and usable in bear form.

Too much up front damage from DPS, so bear need its retail talents.

Fix Paladins, why am I playing against a lvl 80 kit character as a lvl 25? Their CDs are strong, their damage output is too reliable and they have too much going on for them. BGs are just unplayable at this point.

I’d either reduce burst or cut their utility, either one of these would make things a little bit more fair.


Nice bait, angry paladins incoming :saluting_face:

Please increase Bear rage regen.

Trying to level as bear is annoying compared to Starsurge.