Additional Fated Power in Season 4 Fated Raids

This past weekend’s esports charity event, Xy’mox’s Charity Cache, provided the players with additional Fated Powers in Fated Raids. Though this might have looked like a detriment at first glance, capitalizing on double the Fated Infusions turns out to be a boon!

We believe that this feature should be available to all organized players, and so starting with the next weekly reset, players in Normal, Heroic, or Mythic Fated Raids will be able to opt-in to one additional Fated Power at the Fated Console, located near the entrance of each of the Fated Raids. These additional powers may be disabled at any time, but that won’t affect any in-combat encounters, and will not change how loot is awarded.

We know that many players have enjoyed the twists and fun of Fated Powers, and we hope that access to more will increase the fun.

Happy raiding!

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eSports is no fun. I bet only a handful(streamers) will ever activate a more anoying feat. Without any proper reward.

Could you add some world content? It’s called WORLD of warcraft… Not echo and liquid showing what they do at work


It is so much fun to get crappy undealable overlap situations!
Are you even able to believe yourself posting this nonesense?


Holy words

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The issue is, blizzard use open world for story telling and reputations and have done since the start.

WoWs world is pretty massive, the games just simply not designed to focus on the open world end game.

S4 introduced no lore, so tberes no story to tell so nothing got launched, however we do know this is likely due to cuts to how poorly SL was and realisticslly a focus on a new expansion was needed.

anymore. its wasnt in this way since the start.

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I can’t belive this is blizz main focus, raiding with affixes no open world content is getting added, just esport mythic+ and raids with affixes, ofc nobody playing this game anymore.

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Ofcourse it was. What else did u use open world for?

I mean we can argue that proffessions purpise got dampened down, and gold grinding got made kinda redundent in some peoples eyes due to the token.

But tbh the proffessions are already returning in DF.

The only diffference between then and now, is levelling got made alot faster and RDF means players have the choice to level by queue spamming rather then doing quest zones.

Back in the beginning the game was pretty much a raid loggers dream, as classic proved.

Oh no, the can off worms has been opened!

What do you mean RDF was an improvement to the game!

Prepare for Classic Andy RDF vs No-RDF arguments!

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Ironically RDF would have prolly helped stop the thekal problem becoming such a huge problemm

If RDF existed and more, running to fresh would have been pointless long term as fresh players would still be playing the gsme with non fresh players which would remove the experience.

Ontop of that less would have cared as much to swap servers to fresh (as its ideal if u are going to move servers to go fresh so u arent a mile behind on a new server).

Its mental blizzard didnt forsee it, tons are stuck on dead servers no RDF confirmed for WoTLK will force them into rerolling. As they drop new servers i mean they rly stacked the odds of it filling way over capacity.

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Besides bieing correct or wrong,
Can we not have this RDF vs No-RDF endless discussion in a Fated Raid “Retail” topic please?
I am already so over this topic…

True that conversation has defintly been bled dry at this point. The new subject is thekal however. Cant even check the new posts filter due to how fast posts are put up about that

Gonna be a while til that passes to before we reach back to normality :rofl::rofl:

I only bought a boost for HC raids so i can have title and mount
i do not raid anymore because you made raiding a time consuming nonsence…
but from what i saw in those raids and played few bosses i actually really like the affixes on raid bosses
mainly the one where my CDs are reduced and the one when i kill adds and my dmg is boosted :smiley:
I hope you taking old school approach in DF with raiding so i can once more enjoy something that i started playing game for back in the day

The affixes that are nice:
Chaotic Essence: It gives a nice dmg boost and allows padding for AOE players. It doesn’t require any special tactics except just clicking the orb once. The whipe chance off this affix is basicly 0%.

Reconfiguration Emitter: It is again a prety passive affix that just has to interrupted and dies prety quickly. It provides a nice statt boost to everyone.

The affix that is big mehhhhhh:
Creation Spark: The boost you gain from soaking is prety nice, it is basicly a mini-bloodlust. But the “soak” mechanic is toxic as hell…
For example 3 weeks ago Jailer had the Creation Spark as affix, the fight was impossible to pug. Even our guild run that basicly farmed HC Jailer had issue’s clearing it…

The affix that is absolute dogwater:
Protoform Barrier: This affix has a nice buff because the damage you deal on it gets done to the boss. But it breaks so slowly and sometimes it is just so extremely far from the mechanic you have to do.
For example this week it was on Rygelon and it always showed up during the soaking off the inside orbs.
Our team does not have a DK to grip, nor enough ranged DPS to just DPS it down from far. This was quite an issue…

I think the affixes are too random and should be removed.
The “popularity” in raiding Blizzard is seeing is due to the fact Castle Nathria is implemented again. This raid seems to be the all-time Shadowlands favorite…


I came loaded for bear.

But yeah, truth be told, it would be better on the classic forums.

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Natalie Dormer…
What a bae :heart_eyes:


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