Additional information on achievements


Is it possible to add information at achievement 2400 that a given player did it on ret paladin or in team with ret paladin in this very week?

Of course, we have information about the date of the achievements. However, there is a slim chance that the player has achieved his desired goal in a normal, non-perverted way. Because what’s happening this week can’t be described in any other way than the worst possible perversion :stuck_out_tongue:

The information will be helpful in evaluating the player’s skills.

Greetings and have a nice day to everyone who doesn’t play ret paladin “NOW” :wink:

Thousands of people have gotten achievements when things were busted in the past and nothing has ever been done… even when you could get something in pre-patch (which is basically ret right before nerfs).


Solo shuffel isnt taken serious anyway for most people in lfg

If you get it in 3v3 durring the most deflated season , its still skill dependant, specially since most games are mirror games

People dont even ask for linked achivments since bfa

Every expansion has had its broken classes

Whats more important to make posts about is !:


edit : actually we rather need more posts about making healing less frustrating

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