Additional tier set glow effect not available

I recently unlocked the acheivement Dragonflight Season 2 Hero, which awards you with an Obsidian Aspectral Earthstone. This item unlocks an account wide second version of the colour tints for the set items you have collected for specific items (shoulders, helms and sometimes belts, etc). These second versions, which are added to your appearances collection, have additional glow effects.

I have collected a number of shoulder appearances for my druid’s tier set. When I unlocked the new glow effect versions with the Obsidian Aspectral Earthstone, each of my set items had an additional version with the glow effect added to my appearances, except for one.

One of the shoulder appearances I have collected on my druid should have an additional version which should have a glow effect, but this has not become available. The item is one of the versions of Mantle of the Autumn Blaze.

Just in case this matters, I got the pvp green tint of the Mantle of Autumn Blaze as a set item from the vault.

Has anyone else had this issue? Does anyone know a work-around? When I made a ticket, the Bliz support team said, ‘We can’t really verify from our end. We’re unable to check which effects are available for items on the transmogrifier.’

If you’re talking about the Elite version on the shoulders iirc you have to get Rival I to unlock the glow; doesn’t matter if you have the item.
What I mean is that even if you chose the shoulders with the token at the vendor you have to earn the achievement.

At least that’s what happened to me, I got helm with the token but didn’t have the glow till I got Rival I.

I am not talking about the elite versoin. I have the elite version and they have unlocked the glow. The non-elite version I believe requires me to waste additional conquest points on buying the non-tier set version. Just a bit of bad design tbh.

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