Addon auto marks Abuse!

Hello all.

I`m getting constant Abuse from other people addon in use. They say its called WeakAura.

The thing it dose is automatically places Marks/Symbols on Party members Tank/Healer by force every time a combat starts.

I`m not using the addon, but other people that use it are Negatively impacting my Game play experience.

I`m needed to manually take actions myself in removing the Unwanted Mark on me only to get it back on because off the addon they are using. It is annoying and frustrating!

Can some one please provide that addons exact ID name and its creator so Blizzard team can take actions, so far people say It`s called WeakAura.
I wish there would be an addon that auto removes marks placed on me, that will fix the issue here.

PS: That addon also brakes rule 3 from this forum Addon ToS: WoW User Interface Add-On Development Policy

3) Add-ons must not negatively impact World of Warcraft realms or other players.
Add-ons will perform no function which, in Blizzard Entertainment’s sole discretion, negatively impacts the performance of the World of Warcraft realms or otherwise negatively affects the game for other players. For example, this includes but is not limited to excessive use of the chat system, unnecessary loading from the hard disk, and slow frame rates.

The addon is abusing in game feature of marks placement that me or others don’t want them. In my case is the Unwanted mark forcefully being placed on Me on every new start of combat.


I can’t tell if you’re trolling or just really misguided.

That said, WeakAuras isn’t doing anything wrong.

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Is it definitely a WeakAura script doing this? I was thinking it may be BigWigs or DBM.

Tbf I find it pretty annoying having markers put on players during Mythic+. When I first noticed it happening it wound me up, messed with my VuhDo frames and I had to turn markers off from it. I generally don’t like walking around with a big orange Dot planted above my character either - there’s already enough garbage on my screen without unnecessary markers.


I’ll just quote the important section of that rule. Your opinion about whether it does, is completely irrelevant and linking that rule is quite useless.

Anyways, those markers exist for a reason. And since apparently the one putting them on the party is allowed to do so - I don’t see how this can be seen as abuse.

Make a macro (I believe it should still work);

/script SetRaidTarget(“player”, 0);

…and carry on with the game.

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Im dead serious about this. I don`t see where the troll part is? Can you please point it out for me?

WeakAuras2 and the WeakAuras created with it are an entire subset of addons that have been around for years and do a plethora of different things.

It is an abused function from the game that a program is creating from users that use it.

They don`t place the mark on me manually. Their addon dose it automatically. And I need to remove it Manually every time a new combat/pull starts.

I dont want the marks on me, and if a addon from others are auto placing it on me it`s called abuse!

But I tank you for the script, How can I use it?

  • Is it a one time use in chat?
  • Or every time I log in the game?
  • Or do I need to transform that script into a Addon?

PS: I tried the script in game chat, dose not work. Dose it need reload?

What role are you playing in M+?

I`ve been in 2 random party’s and both side say its WeakAura addon that dose that.
One party was kind to turn that function off so I can play the game.

Heals and Tank

That’s why you’re being marked. It is absolutely critical that everyone in the group be able to identify where the tank is at all times, and marks at the best solution to that. Otherwise, people are going to get 1 shotted by tank frontals.

If you don’t wanna get marked, don’t tank.

Some groups also like to know where their healers are at all times so they can ensure they’re keeping mobs off them and are in range for heals. Typically those people will be tanks.

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I play Healer


/tm [@player] 0

I’m baffled that someone running 16+ keys a) hasn’t heard of WeakAuras and b) has a problem with marks on people’s heads.

Everything in M+ is about optimizing the run. That’s why everyone also runs WAs that announce which Storming marker they have and when they’ve cleared it. If you’re not you’re just making things harder for the entire group.

I`m not Tanking and even if I am I’ll still remove it cuz I don’t want it.

But what you doing is just telling what to play and not, I kindly don`t need that thank you.
That mark is Absolut critical problem on me, because it creates discomfort, constantly seeing a dot moving where I move. I don’t need that.

It is a general rule to stay behind boss or on its sides if your not Tank.

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Ultimately you’ve got 3 practical options:

  1. Don’t run with people who use Auto Marker WAs. That said, this solution likely isn’t going to do anything for you during a run as people generally don’t stop during a key to fiddle with addons/WAs.
    You can enable Settings > Other > Target Markers in your Chat settings to identify who’s placing the markers.
  2. Pick a marker you like more than the one they’re putting on you (don’t use cross or square as it makes seeing Storming more difficult). Those WAs are typically configured to not override markers that are already up.
  3. Create your own WeakAura or Addon that automatically removes marks from yourself (I’m not seeing one on wago or I’d link it). This might create a lot of cpu lag on your end and on the side of the person using the Auto Marker, depending on the frequency with which it triggers, as they constantly add/remove the marks. May also cause the icon to flicker over your head.
    Alternatively, you can use the macro I posted above (/tm [@player] 0) to remove them from yourself, and you could presumably add that to every spell you cast by converting them all into macros (though personally the flickering would irritate me a lot more than the icon simply being there).
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I understand and that for those who wish it. And as long as it dose not bother me I don`t have anything against it.

I enjoy playing the game how its intended. I do not need and do not want to need those addons.

People need to see where you are standing. As much as it sucks that a marker is required, you can stop playing if you don’t like it

Thank you for the suggestions but they are not a solution for me.

  1. People lie, even If I ask if they use that auto mark addon they can lie and still experience that same problem.
    -On the other hand it still requires time from my side to constantly ask them if they use it or not. When they don`t need to do anything, just play the game how they want to including with that addon that is creating a negative experience for me.

  2. I don`t use WeakAura and don’t know how it works. So I cant take that addon and customize it to auto remove marks placed on me.

  3. You confirmed that /tm [@player] 0 is a macro command not a script I can turn in a addon that will automatically do it.

  • Unfortunately macro still requires manual actions from my side to work. I’m not looking for that, I will still remove it manually in that case.
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The version Mag posted is the script version, they just didn’t use code tags so their quotes are messed up.

/script SetRaidTarget("player", 0);

If your best response is just to Quit the game please take it elseward or keep it for yourself.

1.If people need that mark on players what happens to those that don’t want it? They don’t matter or have a say in it? Ridiculous!
-Your telling me I have to accept the mark on me and that’s it? Well I don’t! I will waist time and manually remove it every time it appears on me if that is needed from my side.
-However it still not a solution because as I stated above its a Abused in game feature that other people are forcing it on others Whiteout any manual need of placement from their side. While me or other need to manually remove it if we don`t want it!

  1. If I wanted to Quit, It would have been done by now, and all this time invested on this problem I face would not exist at least from my side.
  • I just love when people come out of the blue telling you not to play the game anymore. I swear they think we cant decide that for awarself.