Addon for Fallen Charger

Is there an add-on that plays a sound and, if possible, flashes WoW window when a message like “An Earsplitting whinny echoes across the maw as the fallen charger begins it’s ride” appears in the game chat?

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I did not see Fallen Charger after I installed WA, but looks like WA works only with emotions like /salute (if I enter “salute” in WA trigger settings). It ignores text like “An Assault Supply Carriage departs from Korthia” (with any of those words in WA trigger) though this text looks like an emote in the chat.
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It works! If I clear the checkbox “message type”.
Thank you, Elvenbane, for the link :+1:

Believe they’re considered boss emotes or monster emotes rather than simply emotes.

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