Addon for showing rep gains in quest log?

This has bothered me and I remember many years ago I had this feature. I want to see the faction reputation that a quest awards in the quest description, not just item and gold rewards.
These days I always have to check wowhead. It’s tedious. There must still be an addon for it.
A web search didn’t yield anything useful, though.

you could try RepReward It is outdated though. You might try the user submitted version in this link:

Otherwise get the wowhead quest DB ingame with


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Thank you, this is exactly what I was looking for.
(EDIT: Doesn’t seem to work on some quests, though. For Mechagon quests it claims there is no rep reward. Same for Nazjatar. I guess it’s just too old. Another very useful addon that meets that fate.)
I also gave Lightheaded a try, since that seems very convenient, but I cannot get it to obey the command to not automatically open with quest infos.

It might be an error on Blizzards side or they decided to no longer provide reputation rewards of quests. Blizzards interface for faction rewards seems to be returning no data. I couldn’t get it to work.

Regarding Lightheaded check the comment section Cladhaire posted on 07-01-19, 03:08 PM. It might be a related issue.

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