Addon tried to call protected function

i regularly check bugs with buggraber/bugsack and i see the error “addon xy tried to call a proctected function”.

Seems to be only the case with addons that affect raid/party frames. Atleast thats for me.

Did blizzard change something significant regarding frames because I dont see this happening with anything else.

Its weird because im running scripts that still work as they did before 10.0 but cause errors now. Not necessarily errors but it causes taint of the edit mode often.

My question would be if its edit mode related and it just taints a lot and thats something blizzard has to look into or is the problem the code?

If its any helpful I could provide some bug reports from bugsack/graber


From what little I understand answer is “sort of”. Edit mode essentially links all the parts of the UI and allows any taint from addon to spread easily to other parts which normally would be untouched.

I would recommend reloading the UI at very least after using the edit mode if there are third party addons present.

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i don’t understand why blizzard harasses the user with that popup. why they don’t just ignore the function call? instead it destroy the user experience.

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