AddOns - Worthwhile?


There was a pretty good addon to just move around the actionbars in the standard UI - again I preferred them where they were

If folk have issues with tunnel vision - no peripheral vision etc. You are in fact discussing the various degrees of blindness

And it is awful - a good friend of mine used to drive HGV’s and can now only see vague shapes directly in front of him

But I had hoped to discuss AddOns relating to gameplay - not disability


You can replicate that with using bartender, shadowed unit frames and literally hundred of others.

Why are you even want to discuss things like opinions? I already told you why people use such addons -> because they want more options and don’t like default UI.

And addons definitely bring a lot of functionality both to gameplay and fights. Especially DBM/BigWigs and Weakauras.


You see - we seem to have gone in a big loop in our private, yet public , discussion to arrive at a few useful points that the folk above have already made

The standard UI is comfortable to a lot of folk - the use of AddOns is more for convenience and reminders for most - though for some there is an allure towards a custom desktop

Weak Auras interested me - a visual and audible reminder of pre programmed rotations - would not suit a lock but perhaps a tank

I am looking at Macros - I think they are a much bigger discussion

I intend to do lock in Classic - rotation is very situational other than single high health target i.e raid boss - a single button to set off my main dots is pretty useful - but it’s a different discussion

I was looking for the more left field AddOn suggestions here

Is there an AddOn that lets me know when a rare is Due To Spawn and where

Is there an AddOn that alerts me to, or even automatically casts, an available interrupt- really useful stuff


As well as addons are.

I use it mostly for fights where i need to do something based on buff/debuff/dbm timer. I usually write no brain weakauras that let me play on autopilot.

SilverDragon + RareScanner, i use both.

That would be called botting. However I have plater (nameplate addon) setup where all important casts are bigger and orange, while normal ones are just yellow small ones.

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You are missing Gladius for pvp, that creates a big frame of the enemy arena team and tracks all sorts of useful info such as their medallion cd or cc diminishing returns.


Biggest problem with basic ui for me is the seeing debuffs. If you watched any world first race you can see how adaptable elvui is.


I dont like using them myself but they seem mandatory in any high tier content.
So they are worthwhile if you intent to play high tier otherwise there ignorable.


[quote=“Caridris-chamber-of-aspects, post:1, topic:73023”]
amage meters are always useful I suppose - but only confirmed today that my output was as good as anybody else’s - I knew that already
[/quote]Learn to mod your elv ui into your personal UI…

There have been people that actually made UI’s improvised by other games (Fighting games EA), add thought with it and you have a nice ‘in your mind rp’ based UI.


Addons and WoW’s highly customizable UI are one of the things left that keep me playing the game.

I, for one, like the default UI style - and hate how the highly advertised ElvUI basically strips it of all the neat graphics while leaving some, so you have an absolutely abhorrent mix of nice painted textures and ugly sharp pixel borders with half transparent background.

That’s why I use Bartender for action bars (with Masque), STUF for unit frames and KUI Nameplates for the nameplates.

Been using WA since the early “Power Auras” days. It’s basically a must-have now.
Not just “rotations”, but reminder to refresh a buff, that a CD is up… Or completely bypass the murloc vendor minigame :smile:

if you’re gonna play classic, then yes - macros are a must have, for even the most basic things, that have been built-in since - like to start autoattack when you use an ability :laughing:

That is not an addon and don’t believe anyone that would tell you otherwise - it’s called a bot and while many people use those (like a member of Method, when livestraming, leaving his bot running while he walked away from the computer and his toon just did the work for him) it’s not legal.

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If you like and do not have any issues with the default UI, then there’s no point in replacing it just for the sake of replacing it.

There are few addons that I consider “mandatory”. Many are very very handy sure, but the only one I can think of that really helps your gameplay is Deadly Boss Mobs as it shows timers on when abilities are off CD, when certain phases are about to start/end and so forth.
(Perhaps WeakAuras as well? I don’t use it myself, but I know there are tons of things you can do with it. )

I use Bartender, because I find it easy to use, easy to customize and quick to assign keybinds with. But again, that is just a personal preference. if you are comfortable with the default, then by all means keep it as it is.


Just use ui scale in advanced to solve that.


That is not going to cut it. Like for example enlarging player/target frame without touching action bars scale. It’s basically all or nothing.

I am addon developer and If I wanted to, I could scale any UI element separately but since I don’t like all these artworks, it would be meaningless.


/fstack to figure out frame name
and then

FrameName:SetScale(2) --where 2 is the scale factor 2 = 200%, 1 = original size

Needless to say, it should have been options not requiring to use custom scripts.

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I was answering OP.

While you personally might not be happy with the default UI, it doesn’t mean that it cannot be used. Like I said; opinion.


Wrong quote. But then again, for some people, visually/mentally impaired, it cannot be used because it doesn’t have enough usability options.


All he asked was having more options in the default options menu for that part.

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Addons impact the game greatly. Especially dps addons.

If you know what DPS you’re doing you know if you’re doing good or bad and you can look into further detail to see why you’re doing X the way you are.

This is HUGELY impactful, if you don’t know you’re doing badly, you wont improve and if you’re not improving from being bad, you’re stuck at being bad and the likelihood you progressto anything above lfr and low normal raids is just unlikely.

Not as important in PvP since dps is only a tiny part and most of the time you’re focusing on other aspects but anyway.

Then you have addons like the raid help tool addons, boss mods and such that tell you what to do when things happens, making the average player avoid much more of the abilities and doing more tactics than before etc.

You also have addons like omnibar that tells you about pvp silences and such, gladius to tell you about enemy cooldowns / trinket cooldowns and such, which is HUGE.


Focus Interrupt Sounds (FIS) plays a sound when your target is making an interruptable cast, and you have an interrupt available.

It DOES NOT cast the interrupt for you. I agree that would be botting.

If you install it, please, PLEASE, disable the party chat option to announce the interrupt. Anywhere except in a group of consenting adults in private, that is hella annoying.

Other addons are to taste.

Personally, I regard placing my frame and my target’s frame somewhere I can see them without dislocating my eye-sockets as a deal-breaker.

I like seeing a separate cast bar. I like seeing timers on my CDs.

I find Auctionator a must for the AH. Even Ion suggests it. I regard the more advanced TSM as tantamount to botting at this stage of sophistication.

I hate the new nameplates since Legion. Replacing those is a must, for me.

TomTom or Carbonite are required if you want to find things you look up in comments on Wowhead.

Postal means never accidentally sending something valuable to a complete stranger.

And so on.

Some addons are just minor conveniences. I find SellGrey (which can actually be done with a macro) and QuickRepair, for example, very handy.


Try my AH addon - AuctionFaster :stuck_out_tongue: Method is using it and I am the author of it.

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DBM is a go to for raiding / dungeons. Sure, you can challenge it with just visuals but why when addon will warn you about dangerous stuff? Why stress your eyes?

Weak Auras 2 is another must-have addon for some classes. Like you are Warrior, and in Prot spec without Ignore Pain WA’s you have no idea how much block value you have left, how much duration is left etc. Default UI doesn’t show it, all it shows is the icon it is active.
Enhancment shaman is another example, without the buff tracking WA’s you’ll be spending more time looking on your jumping buff list instead of paying attention to the game.

The rest? I don’t really use anything else beside Skada, but v.often I have it disabled. Not really worth it tilt source, and am using it only when practicing rotation or to check my dps.


So I did. For about 15 minutes on my Draenor banker, who has almost nothing left since I’ve cleared so much out to get squared away for Classic.

First impressions:

That is fast! It is so fast that I was suspicious it was actually finding the lowest price, but I did not find any error in my short test.

When I put up a Level 25 pet, it suggested the price point of the cheapest Level 1 pet, which was about 10K lower. Mental note: DO NOT use for pets.

It handled mats perfectly, as far as I could see.

I did not have a handy Green to see how it dealt with ilevels and stats.

I didn’t see the auction fee anywhere. Maybe I missed it. But it’s not necessarily a small thing (see also Greens.)