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You have 2 panes to open up to the right side,
“Item settings” which lets you choose the pricing strategy to use, highly recommend to play with this as some of them, especially “StackAware” is handy for selling mats in bulk (it undercuts price of lowest item that has at least 80% of the stack size you want to sell), so it will bypass items posted with stack size of 1.

“Auction Info” which has details like Per Auction price, and deposit fee. You can also view historical price charts.

Also when buying be sure to tick “Fast Mode”, however if you spam buy too fast, you will see some errors, but its still ultra faster than other AH addons when buying and selling.

Full Interface looks like this:

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I am one of those guys who uses lots of addons. I cannot play with classic wow interface, its as if i am blind and have no information whatsoever.

I use elvui (with weakauras) or goldpaw ui wich will be finished soon. Its so much better. For character I just press c, for backs i just press b.

I love actionbar addons. There is one that saves a lot of space by changing the bar when a modifyier is pressed. So when i press shift i get another actionbar wich is cool.

Also i use weakauras to monitor cooldowns and diminishing returns on nameplates for pvp.

Bottomline is wow ui is the worst interface i have ever seen. Its not functional. I have to look at top corner to see my hp instead of just looking at the center of the screen. Also elvui can be modified. Just google some of ashleah’s modifications.


For folks who likes the default UI and want more and not as many features as ElvUI I can offer my UI which is still a work in progress but pretty usable, still in alpha stages and as a single developer I can’t really afford to develop it 24/7 but people are free to check it out. :wink:


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