[A][Defias Brotherhood] <Animosity> (1 day / 4 hours a week) 10/10HC | 1/10M LFM

Animosity founded in 2007 has returned!

After raiding at the top of the realm ranks until the middle of legion we have returned as a more casual guild. Our roster consists of mostly high end raiders from the past dating all the way back to TBC who just want to have fun with some old friends/family and see the content while it is still relevant.

We are going to start raiding Mythic and are looking for a few classes to bolster our roster. We only raid one day a week (Sunday 19:00-23:00), and have an optional alts/social/clear raid on Monday (20:00-23:00).

We are currently in need of 1-2 healer(s) and a couple of ranged dps to bolster our roster for Mythic!

To us the most important thing is the community we have built over the years, we are looking for people with the same mindset who want to make the most of the little raiding time we have while having a laugh all together.

If you think this is a place you could call home, don’t hesitate to wisper an officer ingame or contact Ayahuana#2854