AdiBags's lack of consistency & predictable placement of items

I love AdiBags for many reasons, mostly the way it can divide my items into clear categories, which is why I chose it over the most popular bag addon, but through the weeks of using it, I’ve grown very weary of its lack of consistency and predictable placement of items. This issue also sometimes creates problems for me in Mythic+ dungeons, like if I have to look for the engineering combat-rez item for too long, for example. I’m aware, of course, that I can macro it or put it on my spell bar, but I simply have no space on my spell bar for items that I only use on a few alts.

What I liked the most about Blizzard’s default bag UI was the consistency and predictability of item placement. I used to “Ignore” my 24-slot default backpack so the item positions in it never change when I sort the items in my bags, place my hearthstones and important consumables in it in the same exact order across all my alts, so no matter which character I’m using, if I open my bags, I know exactly where the main hearthstone is, where the Dalaran hearthstone is, and where the engineering combat-rez item is on my screen. And the ability to assign a general category for each individual purchased bag provided acceptable categorization. AdiBags categorization features are significantly superior to Blizzard’s default sorting and categorization features, though, so I’d really like to stick to AdiBags.

I’ve already created a Miscellaneous manual filter for the main hearthstone and called it “HS1,” another “HS2” for the Dalaran hearthstone, and some “C1, C2,” etc. for consumables, but while this helps only a little in spotting the items for which I created such manual filters, unfortunately this does absolutely nothing to place those items in the same exact absolute positions on my screen.

Can anyone give me some tips on whether it is possible to achieve the consistency and predictable placement of items on my screen using AdiBags?

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