Adventure Lies Ahead in the New Dragonflight Dungeons

Adventure Lies Ahead in the New Dragonflight Dungeons

Four new level-up dungeons and four maximum-level dungeons await players who venture into the Dragon Isles. Whether you’re looking for loot, a new challenge, or to learn more about this ancient land, you’ll need to gather your courage— and your allies— for the trials ahead.

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Without personal loot I will pass your every expantion from now on.

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With personal loot being removed i will play your every expansion from now on.


Fair enough, I wish you to experience the group loot and / or master loot in full capacity with all the hidden gems of softres/hardres/prio1,2,3 and etc.

I am just glad I was around the best expansion of modern times Battle fot Azeroth and first few seasons of Shadowlands, Legion looks like it was a good one too.

When all this childish pandering to people who want to reserve loot for themselves is proven terrible for sub numbers and personal loot with titanforging is returned I dont mind buying new expac. Hope WoW will survive untill adults are back in charge.

Yeah have fun with dead drops.

They only had to lift the loot restrictions on personal loot and everything would have been fine.

But no…


I like most dungeons in most expansions i’m pretty content with what i see . Gl to everyone

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Presses skip

You can’t be serious, can you? Even I, as someone who joined with BfA and only knew personal loot here can live with those changes and would never call BfA and SL “best expansions”.

This formulaic approach (Same content formula as in Shadowlands - 4 leveling dungeons, 4 max level dungeons) worries me, screams lack of creativity. Bet there are almost exclusively 4 bosses in each dungeon with at best 2 exceptions. These “e-sports” m+ standards really ruin the magic of exploring the unknown, don’t they…


BFA loot was distributed according to true socialist principles:
From each according to his ability to each according to his needs
You did all your part and got things.

Now the fake left proposes the formula:
From each according to his ability - John Doe will decide who can roll need on loot.
It won’t work that way, the real left like me will always continue to wage class struggle against the elitist and the fake left with their exploitation of the players.

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Why on earth bring politics into something to do with loot? What’s wrong with you?

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Nothing is wrong with me. Roll your eyes back, fake lefty

When Blizzard adds a policy that you like, you cheer with delight, and when there are people dissatisfied as a result of a change in the policy of distributing rewards, it’s “ooh no politics”. Everything is politics, since politics is the concentrated expression of economics.

Your double standards are hilarious.
But pendulum will swing back on World of Warcraft, just like it did with Twitter.

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BFA´s dungeons, raids and PvP weren´t viable, neither with the guild members

shadowlands´ mercy is Castle nathria and 9.0 was fun to solo gear up without the dungeons


wow that definitely is a opinion.

EDIT: Can i ask… you were around for them…

but you didn’t experience the ones before yeah?

i feel bad for you if that is the case you have such a warped idea of what good wow is because of that.

you should love DF as it will be just more shadowlands…

so stick around dont let me me loot mechanics ruin your spoilt fun.

One of the best, most enjoyable m+ dungeons.
You could play many alts and gear them if you knew the mechanics. Especially with RIO on main all paths were open to you.
Zandalari raid BfDA was fantastic experience.
PvP wasnt so bursty you traded cds on entering combat.

Overall it was a Classic themed revamp, with 2 continents, Allaince Vs Horde conflict and Old Gods shenanigans.
Easily accessable, any class easy to master and play to casuals keystones like m+15, heroic raid, rival pvp.

You dont get the same freedom of gearing and progression anymore.

You will see dungeon groups with 1 of each armour types and raids with items on unroll, reserve and increadibly toxic encounters after boss kills.
That if you could play your own class with all the borrowed powers from Legiok to SL stacked into talent trees. Expect log checks for normal raids.

Overall DF is set to fail from the go on the loot distribution and class complexity changes. Add to that usuall problems of mechanical difficulty, DBM, link curves and average normal player will be dragon riding for few weeks and yelling Next Expansion please.
Hence 12 months sub is in to lock you in for some unique mounts.

This isnt healthy, this is a pure sabotage of retail.

Only 4 leveling dungeons made shadowland leveling boring. Bring more dungeons.

Don’t you have a twitter thread to go be mad in?

I don’t know how you play the game but
When i’m trying to join a guild i’m reading the RULES that this particular guild created for themself
If i think i can go with those rules i join the guild and play with people
If i think rule are too much i look for another guild

I do not PUG raids so ninja stuff like that will never happen to me

I play this game for more then 15 years now on private server on retail i’ve been in many many guilds over the years
Never had any problem to GEAR up my main/alts with group loot/master loot

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