Adventures Companions Updates Now Live

From a balance perspective, having to do this is quite the admission of failure:

And having to do this is downright pants on fire:

More changes will be needed. Don’t tell me that sweeping changes like these result in precise balance. They reduce ridiculous outliers to a somewhat acceptable point of balance, but there’s no way this is anywhere near a job well done.

Pre Nerf the Bramble Trap was applied permanently each round and stacked with the damage reduction increasing each round.

Post Nerf the Bramble Trap applies to the next enemy attack only and has a one round cooldown so can only be used every other turn

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Some of those percentages… Wow.

It’s fantastic that my Venthyr missions will be a lot smoother now, but I kinda feel sorry for the Night Fae players who are now stuck with missions far beyond their Companion’s levels. Yes, they had it good for months, but now they’re going to be stuck suiciding their Companions constantly in a bid to slowly level them up.

Yep, my XP missions stopped a couple of weeks ago, I have 2 champs at 33, a few at 25 - 27 and the rest are under level 15.

All my missions are 35+ going into the 40s and 50s.

We were only strong because of the Bramble Trap bug.

Our champions are as worthless as Kyrian and Venthyr were before the buff, but we have been ignored being buffed because of they thought we were OP when it was really the bug


Thank you for the words of wisdom.

Blizz seriously? You buffed Ventyr and Kyrian companions to be as powerfull as Necrolord. But NightFae companions are just as weak as Ventyr and Kyrian. The only reason they where able to do missions at equal lvl was because of the trappers being OP. Now you taken that away and leave us with weak companions. My 5 highest companions are lvl 46 46 46 47 49. Together they can’t even defeat a regular non rare non elite lvl 42 mission. And those are the lowest missions i get since i’m at campaign lvl 19. Your cluncky system didn’t warned us either that we would stop getting bonus xp missions from campaign lvl 16 onwards. So now i’m stuck like prob every nightfae player unable to beat any mission for months. You got only 3 choices here realy. Either you revert the bramble nerf, you give us the option to reset our campaign progress back to 10 or something or you buff our companions like you did for Kyrian and Ventyr. The last option seems the most logical. But you have to do something to fix the mess you just created. Because not being able to defeat even the easiest mission 7lvls below my companions lvl is rediculous. Its like a party off 5 lvl 60 players getting whiped out by some random lvl 53wolf with her 4 cubs out in the world.
The missions should be as hard that a regular mission at equal lvl can be defeated by a single companion with 4 troops. And that elite and rare missions require perhaps a full group off companions to beat. But missions that are 5+ lvl’s below your companions should feel easy.


Trappers were overpowered, but why not bring others in line with that, instead of reducing the trappers effectiveness to the point where they are actually bad?

It feels really frustrating going from being able to run missions nonstop, to overnight not being able to complete missions at even close to the same rate.

Was this actually the intent all along? If so, will there ever be a way to “reset” all followers for those of us who pushed past the bonus-xp-mission-“zone”, so that we can actually level up followers and do missions? I currently find myself stuck with followers on level 30, and missions on level 50, with no actual way of completing these missions.

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Well, 14 Night Fae Companions that can do nothing now. Time to send them on suicide gold missions for XP in bundles 2x5 and 1x4…

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but deploying them effectively wasn’t as intuitive as expected.

How condescending can you be?

No, it wasn’t a matter of using them being unintuitive. Addons like venture plan allowed us to try every combination of characters in various ways, and yet kyrian had to regularly outlevel missions to have a chance in them. Claiming it’s anything to do with user error when every option was tested to fail is just developer sour grapes. You wanted them to work that way, but in practice there’s only room for at most one fragile companion on most missions, and only having one hard-hitting companion means you just lose.

It wasn’t about intuitive usage, their design was ineffective, especially at the campaign missions.


How terrible to see this.
I see some precize tuning on misdion soldiers what is basicly nothing,and nobody use it.

But pvp is geting some random %tune what wont change anything.

Now you can wait months for the next ‘balance’ hotfix like we Kyrians and Venthyr did! :stuck_out_tongue:

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it’s such a pleasure that idiots like you show themselves on forums before i need to meet them in game.
it shouldn’t have been bad for either since the start. i advocated for fixes on reddit among other things.
saying that “we had it bad, so should you” $hit is such a boomer attitude it’s making me unreasonably angry

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I have atm level 30 companion in venthyr. I dont think those hp will change anything, when some those hard campaign mobs are insane op skills. Like that u take 2 x damage 1 round or that they have half your damage making,
I was hoping there would be some kind counter spells how to avoid those, cos healer companions isnot that good about healing.

Great to see these changes; they are really welcome.

Also please change the way the mission advancement system works.
Currently you can get yourself in trouble by clearing the advancement missions and then end up with missions that are to high level and so be unable to do those and with it be trapped with that.

Er, I was mocking Blizzard with how slow they are… but sure, go ahead with the petty insults if it makes you feel better. :roll_eyes:

sorry then, if i misunderstood.
but you have to agree it’s easy to mix those two things, considering the community we’re in

Cheers for that.

When they spend more time balancing the Mission Table than PvP, good times.

That’s great, but many players, because of this bug, progressed their night fae campaign and now all missions are 50+. After this hotfix we can’t complete any missions anymore.
You need to rollback our campaign progress so we get level appropriate missions again.


Yeah, it’s great that they did a pass on Venthyr and Kyrian companions. Now they need to realize that most Night Fae companions are garbage. Dreamweaver, Te’zan and Lloth’wellyn are the only good ones, the rest are either mediocre at best or pure garbage like Qadarin or Blisswing (whose ability does not work at all).
Trappers were the only thing that made Night Fae work at all. The companions are squishy and most of them do low damage. Trappers allowed the companions to survive long enough to slowly wear down enemy team. I do welcome their nerf but now the companions need a buff to compensate.