Adventures Companions Updates Now Live

(Covenant regardless) My observation about the “lack of EXP mission” is: that there is a cut off point if you progress past a certain number of purple progression missions. The intent? You’re supposed to be hitting that no exp mission state when your followers are all lvl 50+. They want you to grind out the last 10 lvls or so by normal missions.

But some people are rushing the purple progress missions and mess up their table. Don’t do them until you’ve got your team averaged out lvl wise. Ignore the free pet bait.

My NF table is mostly composed of lvl 33 to lvl 39 followers and a few low ones in lvl 20 to lvl 25 that I got a week or two ago. I may ignore the progression missions entirely and lvl my followers to 60 as I still get exp missions regularly.

Nice another update that breaks the game cant do any missions as night fea Yeah I know what your thinking “omg its cuz you progressed your table so much noob!” nope my table is on rank 12 cant even do lvl 37 missions with the new troops so thanks for this blizz shame you didn’t take 10 mins to test this before pushing it to live

(i mostly made this post to let my fellow night fae players know that even if they reset our table we will still be screwed)

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Just a heads-up to fellow Night Fae: 4 trapper strategy still works if your troops/companions are level 40+
I’ve been able to complete most missions with that strategy post-nerf. Using Dreamweaver, Te’zan, Chalkyth and Niya (all level 44-45) as lone companion accompanied by level 42 trappers in those missions. My other 10 companions (levels between 15 and 44) are just running suicide missions as two groups of 5 since there’s no way to efficiently level them otherwise. I have finished my campaign missions about a month ago and haven’t had any bonus xp missions since mid-December.

But yeah, low-level night fae rosters with high campaign progress are screwed.

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Typo here? of course You meant to write “abused“ not “progressed“

i hate it ; i hate this sooooo much i hate it; nerfing night fea to the ground.

Even prenerf I couldn’t complete some of the missions using my level 30+ dreamweaver and level 25-30 trappers.

Exp missions have stopped weeks ago.

I’ve been leveling up all my other champions by sending them on suicide missions and them receiving the exp after dying over and over again.

Obviously, I did that all to myself by “playing” the campaign on the mission table as far as I did, but in the end, as it stands, me and many others will need to keep sending our “champions” on suicide missions until they’ll inevitably level up enough.

Then again, I was sadly never aware of any bug existing, I just was told that “to win every fight on the mission table, just use trappers and Dreamweaver”.

Neither was I aware that my mission table campaign progress will inevitably lead to me not receiving any missions below level 51 either.

I feel like I got tricked into abusing a bug that inevitably ruined the entire mission table for this character.

What a fun and enjoyable “gameplay” experience for this “new” and “exciting” feature Blizzard decided to add into the game.

I’m just glad there’s no legendary power to get from the mission tables final campaign mission. I would’ve expected something along the lines of it.

Oh well


Thank you so much!

Night fae is now under Venthyr and Kyrian thx to blizzard devs - they fixed the brumble bug and changed it to work only in round it is used and than it is on one round cooldown and called it rework when it is gamebreaking change. They should fix bug and let brumble trap alone, now i cant even defeat 6 spriggans 33 lvl mission with 35 champion and 4 melee troops for 320 gold. GG.

Bravooooooo!!! my heros are 39-42 mostly and they can’t complete anything now. I just got a 19310HP/1422 att mission for 70 anima. So in other words, I m done with this feature coz my add on has now only “doomed runs” to get XP. If you don’t buff all the heros to AT LEAST Te’zan’s power lvl, then you’d better make a blue post to say that “We disabled the ability of NF to compete missions indefinitely”

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While I understand the need for balancing mission table you just made NF complete garbage.
Losing missions way below your companion/troop level isn’t really how it supposed to be.

well… what can I say, this was the most stupid change ever for NightFae, you let us use this feature for a month then you changed it when people have done 20 adventure mission and got like 30-40 level for followers and their missions are 60+ so yeah… what can I say…since this change I won only 1 and the rest of them I send to die … BIG BRAIN BLIZZ

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Developer notes is a joke… a bug was the first two weeks. After two months is just a trap for players to get into a mission level that now can not finish ANY mission successfully. I was hours to get the troops to a level i can get the last mount (so i can forget about table and the thousand of anima i burned there)… now i can not pass 5 rounds without dying… i guess i will continue with lvl 1 on all buildings a couple of months more


Disregard that post. Dreamweaver and Te’zan are the only ones that can complete level 42/51 anima missions (and those missions are what I care about now). Chalkyth and Niya joined the roster of suicide companions because they are not on par damage-wise. So yeah, my table is essentially bricked because only 2 out of 14 companions can be sent on missions successfully. The rest will probably keep doing suicide runs until they buff Night Fae companions or bring some lower-level missions back.

I haven’t noticed any increase in difficulty or fail rate as Night Fae since the changes, and I use the table a lot on 3 different characters. To my mind most of the problems were the result of pushing forward on the campaign side of the table, and even my main has yet to even try the lvl 48 one (clearing the lvl 40 soul ash campaigns has been no problem though).

Of coure the problem comes for pushing the campaing… we are now punished as cheaters for playing the game they left for us for two months. How i am supposed to know that i was somehow exploiting and pushing more than intended? do I deserve to be left in nowhere’s land in a hotfix without even warning or notice?

glad i never fell for the ‘so obviously broken that it will get nerfed’ trap.

my night fay champions are around lv 33 and still getting exp missions.

you should just have made all covenant tables have exactly the same stats on troops and champions and the only difference should have been visual skins. it would have been 10 times easier to balance stuff during the beta

lvl 39 night fae companions failing lvl 35 non elite mission.
Ten dungeon runs aka 350 anima to heal one companion.


As night fae i failed 2/3 from 10 missions now after GLORIOUS rework from blizzard i fail 5/6 of 10 missions, sometimes my 35 lvl hero with 4 guardians fail on 33 lvl non elite mission against 4/5 spriggans with 300+ gold reward lul. Blizzard promised more attractive adventure table missions, more fun and we got messy stupid system that you cant predict outcome because you onle get total dmg and health of enemy and your team. BFA adventure mission table was 3 times better than this mess.


Still failing miserably, my followers are 4 lvls above the missions too. The enemies overall HP tends to be 4000 higher with roughly the same dmg, there doesn’t even seem to be any clear tactical advantage to get around the HP. Previous missions had threats and how to counter them, then give a % of the chance to beat them, why has this dissappeared? I’ve started to ignore this table and on alts haven’t even bothered upgrading it.

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Looks like we got xp and lower-level missions hotfixed. I have plenty of level 36 missions now and one of those rewards bonus xp. Campaign progress 20, Night Fae.