Adventures Companions Updates Now Live

I simply can NOT win any single rare anima or ashe mission for about a month now as a Night fae, and trust me… I have tried everything along with using pretty accurate WA + addon(s).

This is crazy. Yes Night Fae command table is unplayable for a while now but with all honesty; it’s not like other covenants are doing brilliant. I have active chars for all covenants and they are all totally unfun, laboring, mostly unsuccessful and not even worth to check what 's on the table.

Among all the table system Blizzard brought in our gameplay since Draenor (Garrison) this right there… is by far the WORST you ever created. It is horribly designed, very unrewarding, time-consuming and sacrificial; and yet again, all that time, effort and patience we put still worth nothing.

Apart from all this, we have way too many adventurers to level up and we STILL keep getting new level 1 ones until Renown 40. Once you unlock every tree of the soulbinds, there is absolutely nothing to gain from grinding anima except cosmetics that cost 82394892 anima each. And oh, almost forgot… I meant “apart from the cosmetics + crafting materials” :))) Ashe mission is thrown out there for once a week prolly just to troll us.

Why on earth this redundancy takes place with nothing to give but rather designed to consume us in all aspects? We spend all those minutes of strategies every single day to see which one(s) work with 391248194 adventurers accompanied by the troops, not to mention having so many alternatives of their positioning. We also keep levelling the newbie ones as if it’s not enough already. Like…

I sincerely suggest shutting down this entire joke —> command table feature and bring something totally different but something that actually fits the quality standards of a billion-dollars-worth company’s most “popular” game aka WoW.

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