Advice on beginner healing for a holy priest

Hello, today I decided to finally branch out to the world of healing. I made a nightborne holy priest and queued for a dungeon. As expected I found a dungeon fast and luckily for me the group was considerate and kind towards me as I’m learning how to heal. Well everyone but this person who immediately left when I said I was learning to heal. Do these situation occur often ? I won’t let myself be discouraged by it. I’m more eager to learning healing now. So please feel free to give me any advice on how to improve please.


Sounds like you dodged a bullet by announcing you’re new. Don’t feel bad about it please.

My favourite talent, empyreal blaze costs a static 500 mana at level 10 and 70. Avoid until you’re at a level where 500 mana doesn’t mean that much to you.

As holy you can allow yourself to be a reactive healer so even if you don’t know when damage’s about to happen, feel free to do some damage while people aren’t low on health.

Don’t be afraid of using holy words. You lower their cooldowns by casting similar spells. So serenity gets lowered by heal and flash heal. Sanctify is lowered by prayer of healing and circle of healing, chastise by smite and holy fire. Use them often.

Spells like renew and prayer of mending are kind of a trap to use.(prayer of mending is great in raids). You can get away with relying on flash heal and holy words even in +20 keys.

Guardian spirit(your spell that gives a player wings, increases healing taken and prevents a single death while active) is a life saving cooldown but don’t be afraid of using it. There’s also a talent that lowers it to a minute long cooldown which you should totally use tons if you pick it as a talent.

Keybind spells like levitate if you haven’t, it’s more useful than it might seem.

Anyway, success depends on experience and you’ll just have to take your time leveling so it feels better and you’re ready to go. It’s also likely that dungeons won’t require you to heal much while you’re leveling but m+ is a different story. Learning a new role might feel intimidating but you can do it :dracthyr_comfy_green:


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