Advice on Frost and Unholy

Hello all,

So I’m coming back after a missing all of shadowlands and decided to jump back into a a fresh DK I mained them from WoLK-WOD but not touched them since.

So I’m looking at peoples advice on which spec to go as I normally like to pick one and master it before I move on rather than jump around and I know you can’t really ever get a real feel of the spec until you’re max level. I’m not to fussed which is the highest DPS and most useful in raids as I’m a filthy casual that may raid on the odd occasion at best, I just want to know peoples opinions on the current state of the specs, which one flows better, is one mind numbing or not, just the general feel of them really. So let me know what you’re chosen spec is and why.

Thanks all.

I personally play Unholy as it feels the most like a master of undead. Spreading diseases and creating any army of undead minions to do your bidding. Plus lots of short cooldowns


Cool thanks for the insight.

I’m really enjoying frost. I’m a pvp player but if you like dungeons then the breath of son dragons build is awesome as you just do insane AOE dmg. Frost also allows you to play either 2h or duel wield 1h. Both seem viable although duelwield will likely be more optimal for breath as you will use a lot of runic power and DW builds more of this.

Hope that helps :blush:

quick question - are you enjoying Zandalari troll animations while playing frost?

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