Advice on WW monks

Greetings folks, I have recently started levelling up a WW monk and I’d like to hear any input and advice of those who’ve played or are playing this class right now. I am very curious about what profession to choose and how to use my monks abilities.

Answers are appreciated :smiley:

Hi, and welcome to Azeroth!

I don’t play Monk. However, to learn to play a class I would recommend

The Icy Veins page for that spec

You can start with their “Easy Mode” page, which gives a simple build and rotation for you to start with, until you are ready to develop different playstyles for yourself.

Icy Veins, and all other guides, give recommendations for playingthe class at level 70, when you have all your abilities and talents. Of course, while you are levelling,you won’t have them all, but use whatever of them you do have.

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