(A)<Epiphany> Looking for members/raiders

Greetings players!
You may have seen us hanging around raid entrances, standing on fences in Boralus Harbor or doing whatever players do.

We are one of the guilds that have been around for for a few years, and the players even longer. Still keeping the dream alive, playing the game we love in between working full-time jobs, putting kids to bed or keeping our wives and husbands happy.

We are a casual raiding guild with a friendly active player base. We raid two to three times a week on heroic difficulty.

Current progress in Sanctum of Domination: Normal: 7/10. Heroic 3/10

Raid times are 20:30-23:00 (game-time)
Heroic on Friday/Sunday and Normal Alt/Social run Tuesday.
During progress raiding we usually continue the main raid on Tuesdays.

Currently recruiting most roles/classes for raiding.
Socials also welcome of course.

We use Discord for Voicechat during raid and for out-of-game communication.

Feel like this could be a guild for you?

Message us in-game for a chat.


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