Aero [EU][Draenor] Recruiting raiders for mythic progression

Raid/Class Spots Are Open To Any Applicant If The Player Is The Right Fit

A guild formed with an ambition for progression and a love for M+ we decided to make the move from Silvermoon Alliance and form a guild to take our focus to the next level, Cutting Edge in 10.1 being the next step.

We believe in building a guild by recruit players of a similar goal and mentality whether it be for raiding or for push score in Mythic plus. We value loyalty, honesty and a positive attitude towards setbacks. Communication skills are an absolute must.

Raid Schedule

Wednesday 20:30-23:00 Sunday 20:30-23:00

Current Progression

9/9HC 5/9M

What are we looking for recruitment wise?

We’re currently open to recruiting DPS classes listed above, as we aim to solidify a stable 25-player roster. We’re looking to provide competition to existing members and choose the best 25 players to proceed with for next tier.

Contact Information:

Discord; tomsen and lora1506

Think you’d be a good fit?

If you believe that you are a player that is looking to achieve the same goals as us then why not contact us and see if we can achieve our goals together!