Affixes need re-work

Then I take my words back, I thought it was mostly hots?

nah, resto druids swiftmend and natures whatever is basically lay on hands and lifebloom on 2 targets is ticking like crazy

but resto is very annoying to heal as you always need to spread hots for mastery

It is mostly hots but what does that have to do with ST vs AoE? U got very nice funnel heals with Lifebloom, Cenarion Ward and Ironbark. It’s great. Never had an easier time with any healer at bosses like TJS Endboss. Healed it on +21 this week with no issue and we didn’t even have a second dispel for most of the time cause our priest was going oom lol. Love druid. As Evoker or Disc I would’ve struggled.

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Aye but was comparing it to my shaman’s healing surge :wink:

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