Affixes need re-work

Please, Blizzard, consider changing something about the affixes and the way they affect healers.

Affixes are supposed to make the game more interesting and spice it up a little. Instead, most of them are just incredibly annoying and frustrating, especially for healers.

How am I supposed to heal eye of the storm in HoV hitting for 113k at each hit, while having 300k HP total and quaking is active? There have been so many times when I couldn’t get the one skill out that would’ve saved us because of quaking. Sure, you can try to pull around that but overlaps like that are still going to happen a lot.
Grievous, another horrible affix that is just supposed to make the healers job - which is already stressful - even more stressful and annoying. Why? Healer numbers are already declining. It’s the equivalent to necrotic for tanks and that got tossed out as well - for good reason!
Then imagine pairing it with Bursting…like… WHAT? WHY?
Speaking of Bursting… Bursting and explosive - another example for affixes that are SUPPOSED to be counter-played by the whole group but in most cases end up making the healers job a lot more frustrating. Sure, “find a better group then”. But when something doesn’t work out as intended, you can either be lazy and careless and say “well it’s SUPPOSED to be a whole group effort” and do nothing about it or you accept that the outcome isn’t what you intended and do something about it - which is your job after all.

And let alone the bad game design which requires me to download a ton of add-ons and weakauras to successfully play around all the affixes… especially thundering…who thought of this abomination of an affix?

I’m always up for a good and REWARDING challenge. This is not what the affixes currently do though.

Please, Blizzard, change something.




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Explosive is fine. Bursting can go rot somewhere. It is 0 fun to play it. I just can’t pull big with it and it makes the dungeon horrible. It must be either removed or the same treatment as bolstering. To be nerfed to the ground.

All affixes needs an overhaul. Right now most weeks is doing 1-4 keys for vault options, waiting until the least obnoxious combo is up so you can push KSM, KSH, etc.
There isn’t a single week where you say to yourself: this looks like a fun week and you want to do as many keys as possible. They all suck, and I question myself why I keep playing…


There isn’t a single dungeon that is actually fun either this season :man_shrugging: .

Atleast I liked SoA and Dos :frowning:

court of fail is kinda fun if you dont have potatoes in the group that always die at the first boss.
so yeah not fun it is.

we do not need affixes. most bosses and adds already got plenty of mechanics.

The “fun” in the game arise mostly of being able to “feel your moments of shine” as a player. those moments of shine, where you pull-off a nice amount of healing or damage. on the beginning, affixes weren’t so much focused on “interrupt the gameplay” style. nowadays, they all do is that. “interrupt the gameplay so the player must move/spread/stop”. it already doesn’t make sense cause it already hinders the player to catch their “moments of shine” as often as they would like to and now, they have gone so far with the “interrupt the gameplay” style affixes, certain weeks certain specs do ever hardly find any moments of “shine” during m+ runs. then, it becomes only “annoying”.

disc for example. i need to keep my atonements up then do hard casts and stack buffs, then do more casts and do damage. then only, i can “shine”. but ? but no. there is hardly any “window” for me anymore.

guess what they did ? they buffed radiance %100 so disc “maybe” can heal. so they didn’t fix the root problem where the bad design already lays, instead they band-aided it so this class will be “a little better than utter trash”.

disc aside, the problem is your design of “interrupt the gameplay” style of design. this is not “difficulty”. this is annoyance. you have over done this way more than “ok” now. and even worse, it punishes certain specs way more than others. this way of design must change. or eventually, you will make us all BM hunters.

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If this season has shown us anything it’s blizzard has no clue when it comes to M+ tuning. I reckon 90% of the problems wouldn’t matter if tyrannical/fortified were just removed and replaced with other affixes. Let’s scale Mythic dungeons then add more scaling on top of that and add a little more scaling just for good measure. Imagine if instead of Tyran/fort they just added more mechanics to bosses when a certain keystone level is reached. Like for example once +10 is reached wise mari got another cast that was significantly stronger and applied a debuff so that was a prio interupt and on +15 he put the circle on 2 players instead of 1 then 20 something else as well as him scaling with key level. Just a thought but it would be way more interesting than “This week he has 30% more health and does more damage” “Next week? Nah super easy. Barely an inconvenience lol”

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This is exactly what had to be done. But requires some “effort”. Instead, “just fart out some more RNG gameplay interruption affixes around and play with the HP and Damage of NPCs” is the lazy way that Blizz wants to go on. sad story.

It’s really not though. Whacka’splosive isn’t fun, and it’s horrendous for people like me who don’t have proper mouse accuracy. There’s a reason I play MMORPGs instead of shooters (or aim based games).

You made it to such high levels and you are trying to convince me you have bad coordination? lol just lol.

Oh I’m sorry, I’m not allowed to push high content with a bad hand?

No because it makes them self conscious of their own performance since you’re, and I mean no offense by this, outperforming them with a handicap.

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Ive no idea why they cant use positive affixes. So if you dont know them, you dont get penalised. But perhaps some give a haste buff, or healing dot or so on allowing faster key pushes etc.

Same. Blizzard need to recognise this is how bad the affixes actually are.

Ye, healer here too, and evoker. You miss one gcd and it’s a wipe. Quaking makes me scream sometimes. Also, why isn’t it only during combat? like, this sadistic way to make you lose even more time by not ressing someone immediatly…
Explos are okay, I think. Bursting too.
Grievous is GARDAGE. Like healing in tyrannical isn’t hard enough, put a freaking DOT on top of that.

I feel like blizzard doesn’t listen to the community enough. Dracthyr having wings and NPC flying but characters not being able to (like drakes, with vigor, like AMAZING) and other illogical lore stuff ; stupid affixes that make the timing rates go half down and frustrate everyone ; new points system that doesn’t reward you for completing a 24 depleted over 1 minute, but instead make everyone leave for one fly farting 10 sec out of the timer…


When recently I reactivated my account I levelled an evoker and wanted to heal this expansion. The current dungeon pool together with the affixes made healing frustrating. Not fun, not hard, not interesting - just annoying and frustrating.

I know other classes are affected but I’ve played healer, tank, melee and caster/ranged and healer is by far the role that get hits hardest by the affixes.

I think Blizzard originally intended those affixes to spice things up a bit. That can be done in so many interesting ways. The current affixes spice up nothing. They add nothing to the player skills required to complete a dungeon. They only add frustration.

A streamer had an interesting tweet where she suggested making affixes positive. Giving you a small bonus instead of a ton of frustration. Imagine that. I would love to see something like that instead. You can still play around affixes and pulls could be planned around maximizing that benefit. Frustration removed, fun and skill added.


Zuco has a nice video on this, just implement that blizzard, no need to think for yourself :smiley: !

Also tried evoker, similar issue as druid, not really a decent ST heal. But druid’s aren’t easy to play as healer, it’s not for me.

Resto shaman for life here!

what? druid has excellent ST heal bro :smiley: