After extensive testing i re eddited evoker statement in pvp

i have been testing this damage extensively in arena today,

living flame still crits for 163k , on a target with FULL pvp gear when i crit

you can still near 1 shot with fire breath burst setup, did 200k fire breath on a warrior with 300k hp

our damage is actuallyt stronger overall now than before, we used to overkill , now we basicly just do the normal 1 shot 100-0 within our eternity surge window as well and finishing off with disentegrate,

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You gotta use empower 1 breath with Catalyze, scintillation, engulfing blaze and burnout and pray your dot isnt dispelled if you wanna do damage now

its not as ideal sadly, we do NOT have a big win condition compared to every other class in the game, when they pop theyre 1 shot they actually do it for a kill, evokers do NOT bring much to the table now compared to before , it was not even close to 1 shotting ppl with full honor gear back then, it was only killing ppl with 220k hp or sup honor gear, it was just unfair in that regard, fully geared locks, sp, rogues, warriors, and any class simply will NOT roll over at all and just pop a defensive and heal up afterward

i mean thats still decent? i got hit by 240k breath a few days ago pre nerf on my full geared sp its obvious that this needed a nerf? There is no way you argue against that lol.

Devastation Evoker just feels unfinished in my opinion. Doing dmg is super boring and they terrible CC. Idk how to balance them.

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i totally agree, 1 shot should not exist, i will never defend that, but atleast i feel like mabye the tool kit could use an overhaul in alot of ways, all devokers have is 4 abilities that prevokers do not have, which seems odd,

Like I’ve posted in several threads, a lot of talents are tailored around fire breath dot ticks so at this point give it a pvp talent to support that with lower cd/dispel protection
But eh we’ll see, other classes burst much harder than breath anyway

i still crit 163k with living flame though

It never was alive.

ahaha your right there buddy, i dont see many devokers

I already abandoned my evoker, going with DH.

u dont see many evokers cuz first
new classes always have lowerplayer bases from the get go and secondly it looks stupid u dont look like a dragon u look like a skinny lizard gecko

also season didnt even start “big win condition” are u playing league or what ur wincondition is a scripted gameplay from comp vs comp on repeat thought u should know that by far since u had the chance to play with good players while getting boosted to 2,6k

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X for doubt.

New classes are always super popular from the start.
Evoker just isn’t well made and ppl already noticed this in the PTR and Pre-Patch.

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nah DH and WWMonk wasnt that popular compared to the other Classes they obviously since not many ppl Swap Main so quick except FOTM.

But anyway talking about Balance rn even tho the Season didnt even start and i kinda think hes forgetting about his mates in 3v3 Arena what also affects Class Viability his Posts anyway conflict with older Posts as i can see rn

same with DK Herocleave will probably still be A+ or S Tier and i am pretty Sure Evoker will find its place in the meta aswell

But its anyway funny how he talked in one post about forum whiners while hes opening everday twice a threat and whines about smth

I wonder if he watched some recent Wargames

Monk wasn’t popular because it isn’t many peoples class fantasy.
I played it for like ten levels then got bored.
And mine doesn’t look like a skinny gecko it’s a female character but I chose the buffest looking customisation possible I look thicker than a tauren male.

being a skinny lizard is not my class fantasy aswell specially without a proper mog
i wanted to make one tho sicne its healing numbers are little to high and is rn one of the best healers and everybody plays it in wargames lol

i expect a nerf for heal evoker aswell

I just made a similar thread as to the sentiments mentioned here as I hadn’t seen this.

Devastation needs DoT protection for Fire Breath and survivability buffs. That’s it. It’s not asking for a lot honestly.

Lol now you’re a pixel cube on the armory/forum as well. What’s going on :joy:

To not get spell reflected

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