After having tried the new disc rework

So after having done quite a bit of keys this week I feel like I can finally give some honest feedback for the new disc rework:

  • First of all its nice that the rework sort of put disc in the spotlight and the community perception drastically changed. You can now get inv to some keys. And by the looks of it disc is doing really well in raids and m+, and being good = usually fun.
  • In terms of playstyle, I have very mixed opinions. On one hand its nice to have a spec where you can do reasonably well without putting in lots of extra effort. On the other hand it may get tedious to spam smite over and over.
  • Main playstyle concern: having your dmg tied to your healing cds feels very bad. The fact you wanna save mind blast for every bender because the cd is just a bit too long to fit an extra one in, even with loads of haste, is very annoying. And the fact you wanna save bender for any aoe dmg makes it so you very often just spam smite endlessly as you cant afford the slightest delay that incurring the bender cd for dmg would cause. Even thought inescapable torment usually makes up a decent chunk of dmg, it just feels bad to have all these talents and interactions be tied to both dmg and healing.
  • Regarding the level of difficulty, it kind of boils down to raiding vs m+. Overall I think raiding is much more challenging than m+, especially as disc, so I think the rework makes perfect sense from a raiding pov. The correlation between effort and performance in raids has been very unfair for quite a while, and I completely agree disc deserved some fresh air in that regard. In m+ however I felt like they hit the sweet spot in Dragonflight. It was a very fun and engaging spec to play, and now its almost like they sacrificed something great in order to achieve something that couldve been fixed through other means.

The rework is really tied to the 4 piece effect. Without it you’re gonna feel much worse about it, especially with the bender build. The set actually partially fixes the MB+bender problem.

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