Aged - EU Ravencrest [A] 1 day raiding guild (sunday)

Greetings weary traveller ! - Come, relax, have a drink. Find new friends and epic adventures at Aged.

What are we?

Aged was founded in June 2022 as a result of not finding the type of guild that accommodated an adult life balance of work, family, friends while still being able to enjoy heroic raiding.

And generally experience the content World of Warcraft has to offer together with people. Who also have a real life to pay tribute to and where game time is something that happens when the kids are asleep.

Who are we?

We are a mix of people from all over Europe average age 30+
The Guild language is English and we use Discord.

Quite a lot of us have played on and off since Vanilla, though far gone are the times when we were able to play all day and night.

Several ppl also have mythic raid experience but due to time and life can’t commit to a mythic raid schedule.

We pride ourselves in being friendly, relaxed and open-minded. You can read more about our guild values in the presentation linked in the start of this post

What do we do?

  • We raid Sunday from 20.00-23.00 server time. Invites goes out 19.40
  • We do mythic + both scheduled and a lot of unscheduled ones
  • We hang out in Discord
  • We do social events

What are we looking for?

We currently have no spots for raiding
But always room for socials and mythic +

  • Tanks: Full
  • Healers: Full
  • Melee: Full
  • Ranged: Full

We only have one raiding day and in order to ensure progress we do ask our raiders to be focused and have read up on tactics. But there is room for friendly chat between pulls

How do I join?

We do not have an online form to fill out or a trial period. We simply ask you to read our guild presentation and have a voice chat with us on Discord. To ensure that you will be a good fit for the guild and vice versa.

To start the process contacts are below

Direct contact for questions:
B-net: Aethelna#2811
Discord: aethel1723

B-net: Elu#21957
Discord: _elu

Best GM Eví and Recruitment Officer Æethel

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Been in Aged for around 6 months now, has a great bunch of people to chat with. It can be game related or IRL related both is always relaxed.

Most of the time people are up for doing a M+ or 2 no matter the level.

For a 1 day raiding guild progress good and when the raid is on it’s serious but also with the awesome banter :slight_smile:

I am a new member in Aged and my first impressions are very positive. I instantly got greeted by a lot of people who all were very kind and welcoming. Within the first couple of days I got invited to various dungeons and other fun ingame activities.

Besides all the fun and joy the guild are also very much competitive - people know how to play the game. There is something for everyone here! M+, raiding, fishing, fun and good times with others, that’s how I would describe my short time here.

Hi team,

Are you still looking for anything? The guild sounds like I was looking for. I used to raid mythic but… life haha. Doing Sundays only sounds like a dream! I am happy to flex classes if needed although I was looking forward to play my druid. Ill add you to disc/bnet.