Aged - EU Ravencrest [A] 1 day raiding guild (sunday)

Aged welcomes mature friendly players

Aged was founded in June 2022 as a result of not finding the type of guild that accommodated an adult life balance of work, family, friends while still being able to enjoy heroic raiding.

We are a mix of people from all over Europe and average age is around 30+
The Guild language is English and we use Discord.

Raid progress: 9/9HC + 1/9 mythic

Weekly events:

  • Main (raid) (Sun: 8pm - 11pm) st
    -Alt (raid) (Sun: 8pm - 11pm) st
  • Mythic + Thursday (start at 8pm) st

Join our Discord where there is more info provided about us and what classes/roles we currently are recruiting
As a part of the process in joining us you will be asked to fill out our application form and do a voice chat with us

Looking forward to talk to you!

GM Evi and recruitment officer Æethel

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Been in Aged for around 6 months now, has a great bunch of people to chat with. It can be game related or IRL related both is always relaxed.

Most of the time people are up for doing a M+ or 2 no matter the level.

For a 1 day raiding guild progress good and when the raid is on it’s serious but also with the awesome banter :slight_smile:

I am a new member in Aged and my first impressions are very positive. I instantly got greeted by a lot of people who all were very kind and welcoming. Within the first couple of days I got invited to various dungeons and other fun ingame activities.

Besides all the fun and joy the guild are also very much competitive - people know how to play the game. There is something for everyone here! M+, raiding, fishing, fun and good times with others, that’s how I would describe my short time here.

Hi team,

Are you still looking for anything? The guild sounds like I was looking for. I used to raid mythic but… life haha. Doing Sundays only sounds like a dream! I am happy to flex classes if needed although I was looking forward to play my druid. Ill add you to disc/bnet.


Atm we are looking for a shadowpriest ready to jump into heroic Amirdrassil

Update: Still enjoying Aged :slight_smile:

Everyone is willing to offer a helping hand be it Spec, Proffesions, old content, Dungeons and Raids also M+.

Would highly recommend Aged

Wishing you a joyful New Year! :blush::sparkles:

Our recruitment is ongoing for a second raid group scheduled on Sundays [8 - 11pm 6/9HC]. We are actively seeking players with Heroic experience or those who are ready-to-raid Heroic content. The specific classes we are currently in need of are:

  • Offspec-tank(s): Which preferably enjoy playing DPS as much as tanking (VDH: Full)
  • Healers: 1-2 (RDruid: Full)
  • Melee: Open
  • Ranged: Open

Questions? Feel free to ask! :star_struck:

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We are now full on Tanks and Healers but still open for Ranged and Melee dps :slight_smile:

We’ve still got spaces open for both melee and ranged DPS to fill out our 2 raid groups!

We don’t run A and B teams but 2 evenly spread groups which both managed to down 8/9 HC Amirdrassil this week!

I’ve been in the guild for a bit over a year now and still find raiding with these guys the highlight of my week.

we are now 9/9 HC but going to continue raiding

Been a member for while and there is a big variation of members with some ppl farming old content for collections and others pushing some of the higher keys,
and the once a week raid fits nicely with my spread work hours.
its a nice and friendly community.

We are going to have a try on mythic raiding and are on the look out forr a few mythic raiding ready players. Besides that social and m+ players are welcome aswell.

1/9 Mythic now :slight_smile: and still got room for more people

Still going strong :slight_smile: And new recruitment process via Discord

I’ve been a member of Aged for quite some time now (since late Shadowlands) and it’s the first time in my long wow career that I’ve stayed subbed for the entire expansion. The reason for that, besides Dragonflight being good xpac is that I’m part of an amazing community of really helpful yet skilled players to have fun with! Join us and see for yourself!