🐱 [A][Golemagg] <Mew> Social/Casual | 2-day Raiding (Wed/Sun) | Recruiting for BWL!

:small_blue_diamond: Mew | :eu: Golemagg | Social/Casual :cat:

:wastebasket: Who are we?
Mew is a small “multi-gaming” community, basically a bunch of weirdos who sit on discord, play lots of games, talk a bunch of crap, share memes and have a good ol time.
We (mostly) all have jobs, families and real life to put up with, so we are a guild for people who want to experience all that WoW has to offer but at a more relaxed pace.

:notepad_spiral: What are we offering?
☆ A welcoming and warm environment.
☆ Experienced class leaders and officers.
☆ Raid nights Weds/sun 8-11pm UK time
☆ Premade BG groups
☆ Active discord with tonnes of resources
☆ In-game as well as out of game events
☆ Dank memes, cute animal pics and more memes

:crossed_swords: Current recruitment:
We are currently accepting socials and PvPers of all class and level.
We are highly seeking PvPers to do premade WSG and other tomfoolery.

:fire: We are currently seeking the following for raids
Paladin: HIGH - Holy
Warlock: HIGH
Warrior: HIGH - DPS

Any exceptional players are encouraged to inquire!

All current content is on farm

We are using a loot council system, using RCLC.
All current content is on farm.

How to join:
If you’re interested in joining, please either whisper Syl, Greebo or Harry in game, or join our discord and introduce yourself!

See you in game!

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bump :smiley:

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Still searching for locks and holy palas :>

Really fun guild to be a part of, I would recommend to anyone on Golemagg looking for a friendly community and relaxed atmosphere!

Up! We need you locks and hpalas <3

bump! Holy paladins and warlocks highly needed!

Looking for DPS warriors, Warlocks and Holy paladins :slight_smile:

Still looking to fill a few spots for our raid roster!