[A][Guild] Thornguard looking for members

We are a new guild that’s currently looking for active players to grow to a size capable of mainly Raiding, Mythic+ on the side and sometimes a little bit of PvP.
The plan is to gather up people, at first probably doing Mythic+ runs and possibly PvP if the member would want to, once we reach Raid size, we would do progressive runs (LFR, Normal, Heroic) to get ourselves familiar with the mechanics upon which we could move onto Mythic and progress through that.
At the moment though, we are currently in the growing state and would appreciate more members, so if you would like to join then send me a mail ingame, a whisper or an application in the Guild Finder if i’m offline, any members of the guild currently should also be able to invite you.
I wish you a nice day.

If you have more questions, mail Ibara-Thunderhorn or whisper me anytime I’m on. Or you can talk here on this post if you feel like it.

(06.05.2020) Edit 1: So far we are slowly but steadily growing, 20 members in.

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