[A/H] 225 ilvl resto shaman, 3/10 M, 1300 rio, 2100 duelist, good logs etc, LF 2/3 day active Mythic guild

LF guild on either horde or alliance that is raiding either 2/3 days and pushing hard in Mythic. I don’t want to join an inactive guild outside of raids and if your guild is wanting to try for HOTA this season in RBGS even better as I want to too! Please reply here if you are looking for a very good and active resto shaman both in pvp and pve


Please have a look at our post and let us know if it interests you.


Hey there. Not sure if daytime raiding suits you. But DRT are recruiting. We’re currently 2/10 mythic, and have just started up our own RBGs. Outside of raids we’re extremely active, and always have a group of people pushing keys and getting involved with other content. We’re looking for a few more peeps to expand our roster. DM me on Discord. Kikonez#4125 if you’d like to discuss anything further.