[A/H] - EU - Shaman/Rouge - LF Raiding Guild for Mythic

Hey i am Marco am 27 y old swiss dude! I speek fluently german, english and french and would like to join a semihardcore Guild that is currently progressing the Mythic content.

I am a Shaman and Rouge both with 205 ilvl 7/10hc and with BIS PVE+PVE R4 Legendaries + Max Renown. I Play every Spec and try to min/max its potential. I raided for multiple years in a pretty hardcore raid enviroment and look for an active and positive community with good players who stay focused and relaxed during progress.

I would play both Factions on any Server.

Contact for more info
Disc: Omnipotänt#1347
Btag: Mephysto#2965

PS: I also play alot of RBG`s and Arenas :wink:

Hey Omni,

Give us a look <Always Sunny in Tanaris> Weekend Raiding Guild [H] [Draenor]