[A/H] Holy Paladin LF Raiding/M+ Guild

Hi, I’m a holy paladin on [A] Silvermoon but I am willing to realm transfer/faction change for the right place.

I’m recently back from a break and having switched mains from resto druid to paladin so I’m catching up and getting back up to speed with everything, currently 231 ilvl. I don’t have too much experience in the current raid tier, I did raid HC and little bit of mythic in CN before my break on my previous main (Peachelle).

All in all I’m just looking for a friendly active community, I’m a friendly player myself, I take my performance seriously and I’m always keen to improve, I take constructive feedback well - I also enjoy mythic+ a lot and it would be nice to meet more people to run keys with! Achievement/transmog etc runs I also like to take part in.
My schedule is quite flexible so I’m able to make most days/times for raiding.

If you would like to get in touch/have any questions my btag is Peachelle#2142


Hi there Peach! =D

Ministry of Silly Wipes is looking for more players.
As we’re a newer guild, we have just began raiding this tier ourselves, and are 5/10 normal currently.
We do Mythic+ throughout the week, and are trying to set days for other events throughout the week too; including Tazavesh, and maybe “glory of…” runs too.

We’re still a small guild, but a social bunch of people. All members have been very helpful to one another!

If we sound like what you’re after, please feel free to add me for a chat =)
Discord: xWestie#9361
Btag: Westie#2496

Hi Peachlo! I am Skarlah the GM of Tree Trunk Cloud (don’t ask about the name XD) We are a growing guild where the main focus is HC raiding but in a chill and fun atmosphere. The biggest thing I wanted for my guild was a nice place for people to hang out and enjoy the game.

We are currently 7/10HC but also holding social events such as quizzes and mount runs.

We are Alliance and on Silvermoon so easy life for you! wink wink nudge nudge

Looking forward to any questions you may have.

Skarlah <3

[H] 10/10HC + 2/10M SoD LF raiders! - Stormscale - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

Hi there!

My name is Sezar from ‘Outzydaz’ Horde, Stormscale. I would like to chat if your still looking for a new home and willing to realm transfer/faction change.

I’ve added u on Bnet!

Bnet: Osi#2672
disc: Metademon#0954

p.s. Compliments for being so humble and not overselling yourself, Nice logs on main (CN)!

Hi there!

My name is Sezar from ‘Outzydaz’ Horde, Stormscale and I would like to chat if your interested in faction/realm transfer.

If this sparks your interest feel free to contact me via disc or ingame for any questions you might have! I’ve add u on Bnet!



Bnet: Osi#2672
disc: Metademon#0954

P.s. Compliments for being so humble and not overselling yourself, Nice logs on main (CN)!

Hello. I’m Guild Leader of a Horde guild on the Connected realms of Lightbringer/Mazrigos. So minus point for us already :stuck_out_tongue: However, from what you’ve said potentially we might be what you’re looking for.

The only thing I will say is that, if you’re wanting to raid in Mythic, then we’re not :wink:

Notwithstanding all that - we’re a casual, friendly guild. We’ve been around since early 2007 and not planning on going anywhere. We raid twice a week - currently Heroic Sanctum (4/10) on a Wednesday and Normal on a Friday (10/10).

We also often have organised events for PvP (battlegrounds, etc, for a giggle, Friday evenings) and M+ (Mythic Mondays, usually a mix of low level and higher level (12-15+)).

Throughout the week M+ and Torghast runs are also regularly organised on an ad-hoc basis.

We are currently looking for more people to join our higher level M+ team (13-15+ with the aim of higher), and also for more guild members/raiders generally.

We are happy for people to join our discord and join M+ groups if they wish, prior to making any commitment to transfer - although of course with us being horde and you alliance, that makes that a tad more difficult :stuck_out_tongue:

If this sounds of interest, please feel free to drop into our discord channel - have a chat, feel us out, feel free to ask questions and join in: https://discord.gg/gQ2uBGe

See our realm post for more information: [H] Dark Wolves - Normal/Heroic raiding, Mythic+ & Socials Guild

Hey Peach,
Im Bella, one of the GM’s from Sentience on Tarrenmill (Horde). Were 10/10HC & 2/10M currently,
And we’re recruiting healers and DPS to join our roster. We raid Mon&Thurs 19:45(Raid Invites) - 23:00.
We provide Feasts & Flasks, Vantus runes, Armour kits etc… during raid.
Alot of us also like to push M+.
If this is something may interest you then feel free to add me on Bnet Julia22#2696 or disc Jules-Daneiris#0185

Good luck!

Hey Peach!

The Gauntlet [A] on Nordrassil/Bronze Dragonflight is looking for a few more players for our mythic progression raiding. We’re currently on 3/10 M, and was 6/10 M last tier in CN.

We’re a friendly bunch on a small server which gives a homey feel to the guild, and makes us appreciate every player and push us to be more flexible since recruitment can be though at times :stuck_out_tongue: While we value the good spirits during the raid, where everyone feels comfortable joining, asking questions and giving/taking feedback, we are still serious about our raiding and expect everyone to prepare well and maintain their characters. Our goal is to be the best alliance guild on our server, and to reach cutting edge, which we believe we can if we can find just a few more strong and capable players :slight_smile:

Our raid times are sun + tue 8-11 pm for progression, and same time thu we have an optional hc raid for grearing/trying new things/getting better logs etc. We also do a lot of M+ together, most around KSM level, but some up to 20+ keys.

If you are interested please let me know here or on discord at Frippe#2043

Best Regards,
Frida - Haltastic