[H] Dark Wolves - Normal/Heroic raiding, Mythic+ & Socials Guild

Dark Wolves is a Horde guild that was established in April 2007. At that time I was an officer but, over the years, as people have come and gone, I’ve taken over the job of GM.

We are a hybrid “casual raiding/social guild”. For us, this means that some of us raid, some of us don’t.

“Non-raiders” still occasionally organise transmog/achievement runs in old raids, we also generally have a bit of a natter about recent news, updates and anything else that may crop up.

We aim to be inclusive rather than exclusive.

When we do raid, we have fun just being there … a boss kill is a bonus. We do expect people to try their best - by our very nature we often “just scrape through” on fights, so we can’t afford to carry people. But if raiders put in the effort to try their best, that’s all we ask.

Please do not expect us to faceroll encounters, breeze through new instances and new content with only a couple of wipes … this will not happen. We will die. A lot. We also laugh about it, tease each other, discuss tactics and alternative ways of doing things - usually fuelled by plenty of snacks and the occasional glass of something.

We are not a hardcore raiding guild … we are usually well behind the progression of more serious raiding guilds.

We generally raid twice a week on a Wednesday and a Friday evening. Our current raids and times are as follows:

Wednesday: 9pm-11.30pm server time*
Friday: 9.30pm-midnight server time*

We occasionally organise additional non-progression, current expansion raids or previous expansion raids at other times.

We are slowly building teams to push Mythic+ keys too - we have a “Mythics Monday” which are organised, slow, calm, low key runs to help people get used to tactics and, at other times, we have people progressing their keys and pushing higher.

Our guild is home to the author of the well-known M+ website, https://keystone.guru/ … as written about by both Icy Veins and Wowhead - several of our members have helped in the testing and data gathering for that site.

The guild is an adult only guild (18+) that aims to be drama free. We understand that problems can sometimes crop up, but as we are all adults, it is in our best interests to sort out little problems before they become big problems.

Most members have jobs/studies, homes, families and a busy schedule outside of WoW, but also have a whole host of alts, giving us flexibility and a working knowledge of other roles and classes.

Basically, we are a casual, laid back guild full of people that just want to play the game how they want to play it, as long as it isn’t to the detriment of others.

We are happy to review applications from any level character … we base our acceptance of applicants on the information provided on their application form and the person behind the character. We recruit based on who YOU are and if YOU would fit, not your character. Therefore, if you are applying, remember you are applying to join us, you’re there to show how well you will fit into the guild. One-word answers don’t work.

Characters change levels, gear, achievements and even role … it is the person behind the character that brings the fun, knowledge and experience (not necessarily of the game, but life generally :stuck_out_tongue: )

Ideally we are looking for casual members who aren’t solely looking to raid, but are looking for a WoW home where they can, in a friendly and laid back environment, get to try out all aspects of the game.

PLEASE NOTE: if your primary goal is to speed through raid boss encounters, getting your gear to as high a level as possible, as quickly as possible, then we are not your guild. We do not rush through content, we enjoy it with guild mates at a casual pace. Don’t expect us to change to suit you. If you apply to join us, it is on the understanding that you like what is advertised about us, not what you think you can make us into :stuck_out_tongue:

If any of this sounds of interest, please feel free to visit our website at:


Dark Wolves in WoW on Lightbringer

We also have a Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/Darkwolves.eu ) and twitter feed (@darkwolveseu).

We have a Discord channel that is open to non-guild members. You can join just for a chat, or to find out more about us: https://discord.gg/wWJJ83b

*please be aware that server time is affected by DST … if you are not, these times WILL change by an hour depending on the time of year!!!

… and that’s what happens when I slack for a bit and forget to update :stuck_out_tongue:

We are looking forward to the new raid - currently fairly full on healers (although operating a rota so that every healer who would like to raid, gets that opportunity), still space for more dps and possibly space for another tank.

We are also looking to progress our M+ groups going into Season 2. Check out Raider.io to see if we fit with your M+ requirements/goals. Ideally could do with another tank for M+ :slight_smile: https://raider.io/guilds/eu/lightbringer/Dark%20Wolves/mythic-plus-characters/season-sl-1-post

We’re working our way through Normal Sanctum at the moment, currently 7/10. We also have groups running through Torghast and M+.

We have fewer healers than we had, due to various real life/work commitments, so can accommodate one or two more, and we also have space for one or two more tanks for raids and/or M+. We also have DPS spots available - we just smoosh them in wherever we have room :stuck_out_tongue:

Currently running at around 25-27 raid members on a Wednesday, closer to 15-20 on a Friday, although these things change fairly regularly :stuck_out_tongue:

Now 8/10 normal. Not in any major rush. Still having fun. Due to covid relaxations in various areas it turns out some have real lives outside of WoW again, so we have spaces for additional raiders of all roles … especially on a Friday.

We are also looking for an additional healer or two … especially for those interested in pushing into higher M+ - we currently have plenty doing 12-14 range, some higher, looking for healers to go to 15 and beyond.

I came to check out the activity on this advertisement. This forum seems as dead as our server :rofl:


As far as I’m concerned, the server is as dead as we make it. We have plenty of activity in-guild, and there are a few other more active guilds than ours too. I LIKE that trade chat etc doesn’t scroll past so fast you can’t read it :stuck_out_tongue:

Had a good night tonight, finished off Normal and cleared the first two in heroic, so we’re now 2/10 HC.

We’re looking for another tank who is interested in raiding - no experience necessary, we’re happy to teach and help gear up (although being max level will help :stuck_out_tongue: ) - we just ask that they’re willing to learn and be happy to be part of a social group who happen to raid. If it turns out they enjoy running M+ as well, that’s an added bonus.

We are also still looking for a healer interested in joining to run M+ at the 13-15 level initially, with a view to pushing higher. If any healers would like to try us out prior to committing, they’re welcome to join our discord: https://discord.gg/gQ2uBGe - just mention that you’re looking to join some M+ and we should be able to organise something :slight_smile:

Now 3/10 Heroic. Having a bit of a giggle, relaxing after work/studies, looking for more pack members :wink:

Up to 4/10 Heroic now. We’ve also got fairly regular M+ and Torghast groups going, and occasionally a fun PvP evening (completely relaxed with no expectations!).

Looking for all roles. Especially for those who would like to raid on a Friday evening (Friday’s are currently Normal heroic runs with the potential to switch later).

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