AH issue, can't delete SL herb favourites


I have a problem on one of my characters. I have a scribe that I probably haven’t logged in to for months. In the AH I had all the SL herbs (except ZM) as favourites and nothing else. When I logged in to that char a few days ago, all these favourites showed as “None available”. I know that these herbs are there but there’s something amiss with these favourites and I can’t delete these items.

If I search e.g. for Widowbloom, I can add it as a favourite and I have 2 entries now for Widowbloom. The o.k. one and the “ghost” one. I can delete the o.k. one but not the “ghost” one. I’ve spent ages trying to work out how I can remove these ghost entries but nothing seems to work.

I vaguely recall something along these lines 6 or more months ago but can’t recall what the solution was.

I’m not using any addons, just the bog standard UI. It’s not game-breaking, just an irritation, but any help would be appreciated.

I don’t even know whether the Favourites list is saved locally, though I guess it is.

You could try renaming your

folders inside your _retail directory to see if it removes the list.

And thsn of course rename them back afterwards!

If the list is local, that might clear it. You could then investigate where exactly the Favourites list is stored.

If that doesn’t clear it, I think that would have to be a bug, and you woiuld need to ticket it.

I can find threads complaining of carious problems with that AG, including the Favourites list, from two years ago, but nothing more recent.


Thanks for looking in to this. After more faffing around I found that I could click the star (favourite symbol) on the right hand end of a given entry to remove that entry. So it’s all back to normal now.

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